Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Bill Faces Major Setback — Could This Be Its Demise?

While Biden may have “succeeded” in a number of America Last moves, it appears that he is facing significant headaches in passing yet another fresh assault on the American economy.

The latest assault takes the form of ramming a pointless $3.5T spending package through the House, though it appears that the Democrats became too greedy for even some of their own party members.

More “moderate” Democrats, for instance, have shown strong resistance to such gargantuan spending, particularly considering the current status of the debt ceiling, not to mention the $1.2T (supposedly) bipartisan spending bill that hangs in the balance.

While more than one Democrat has voiced their opposition to such reckless, irresponsible spending, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has been the most vocal, as well as the most blunt about the reality behind the multi-trillion dollar spending packages.

More accurately, Manchin shredded the multi-trillion dollar spending bills as “the definition of fiscal insanity.”

“At some point, all of us, regardless of party must ask the simple question – how much is enough? What I have made clear to the President and Democratic leaders is that spending trillions more on new and expanded government programs, when we can’t even pay for the essential social programs, like Social Security and Medicare, is the definition of fiscal insanity.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Unfortunately, swamp politicians fail to take into account such damage to benefits, given that they themselves experience the most preeminent healthcare and other benefits in the nation.

On top of that, due to their rather lavish perks and other forms of assistance, it is also unlikely that they fail to notice inflation (especially the ones with multimillion dollar residences), though average Americans certainly feel the impact of inflation.

Which Manchin also pointed out.

“Suggesting that spending trillions more will not have an impact on inflation ignores the everyday reality that America’s families continue pay an unavoidable inflation tax …

Proposing a historic expansion of social programs while ignoring the fact we are not in a recession and that millions of jobs remain open will only feed a dysfunction that could weaken our economic recovery. This is the shared reality we all now face, and it is this reality that must shape the future decisions that we, as elected leaders, must make.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Americans began paying through the nose at the gas pump shortly after Biden took office, and they’re starting to pay even more now for groceries and other basic needs.

Part of the rise in costs can be attributed to the fact that the Biden administration feels more compelled to assist with Russia’s cheap energy than the United States’, at least when contrasting the treatment of the Keystone XL pipeline with Russia’s own energy pipeline, the Nord Stream 2.

The irony, of course, is that retention of the Keystone XL pipelines would have produced the tax revenues needed to fund the Democrats’ massive programs in the first place, but apparently liberals don’t think about that when they go about killing jobs.

Even more troublingly, the real reason that Democrats appear to be so intent on ramming this bill through the House may boil down to the fact that a number of rather unsavory provisions are stuffed into the bill.

Including a provision that directly targets businesses that fail to enforce COVID vaccine mandates, as reported by Forbes.

“Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that ‘willfully,’ ‘repeatedly,’ or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees …

The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Well, perhaps that’s one way the Democrats plan to “fund” their massive spending, though they of course, once again, fail to take into account the impact that such massive fines will have on people’s jobs.

Then again, what else is to be expected from the swamp?

Biden’s own remarks on the bill are less than inspiring, especially when he appears to demonstrate as much economic prowess as AOC.

“My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars.” [Source: Breitbart]

Right. Keep telling yourself that, Biden …

Author: Ofelia Thornton