Biden’s Easter Message Comes With One Surprising Twist

Apparently, even Easter has to be politicized under a leftist regime.

Even worse, this politicization relates to the pandemic, which is admittedly one of the more divisive events in recent history.

Primarily due to leftist governors who couldn’t wait to play mini-dictators with their little lockdowns, despite the immense personal havoc caused to their constituents.

Now, however, despite over 100M Americans receiving at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, not to mention the declining mortality rates across the board, Biden apparently just couldn’t resist lecturing Americans about “morality” again on Easter.

Or, more specifically, the “moral obligation” to become vaccinated.

“We share the sentiments of Pope Francis, who has said that getting vaccinated is a moral obligation, one that can save your life and the lives of others … By getting vaccinated and encouraging your congregations and your communities to get vaccinated, we not only can beat this virus, we can also hasten the day when we can celebrate the holidays together.” [Source: Fox News]
Encouraging congregations? Well, that’s interesting, Biden, considering churches have been one of the most targeted organizations amidst lockdown after lockdown. Guess the congregation will actually need to congregate in order to be lectured about the “moral obligation” to be vaccinated.

Hilariously, Biden follows up that statement by saying beating the virus will allow people to celebrate holidays together, which somewhat negates his calls for congregations. In other words, if people apparently can’t gather in private homes, how exactly are they permitted to gather in churches, at least in ultra-left states?

Then, he proceeds to load on the melodrama, what leftists do best.

“As we celebrate this most holy day, we know many are still going without familiar comforts of the season … The virus is not gone, and so many of us still feel the longing and loneliness of distance. For a second year, most will be apart from their families, friends, the full congregations that fill us with joy.” [Source: Fox News]

Yes, well, the “loneliness of distance” can be 100 percent attributed to Democrat malarkey, particularly since they themselves did not appear to experience the “loneliness of distance” on any level.

Jill Biden also chimed in with predictable platitudes, which rang a bit hollow in light of the Biden administration’s America-Last actions.

“The traditions of Holy Week take us on a journey from sorrow to salvation, reminding us that with faith, hope and love, anything is possible.” [Source: Fox News]

Ok, Jill. Thanks for that. We all feel so much better now. And as far as “anything is possible” goes … Well, the slew of executive orders signed by your husband certainly illuminate that frightening fact.

Meanwhile, other “doctors” are already sounding the alarm on yet another endless variant of COVID, strongly implying that the United States should be locked down again, based upon recent commentary from Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm.

“I believe that, in some ways, we’re almost in a new pandemic … There isn’t a country in the world right now that is seeing a big increase in this B.1.1.7 that isn’t locking down. We’re the exception.” [Source: Fox News]

Great. Nothing like a little fear mongering thrown in during one of the most important holidays of the year.

Of course, melodrama sells too well, as evidenced by Osterholm’s continued commentary below.

“Nobody wants to be the person to die three days before they were supposed to get their COVID shot. That’s what we’re trying to avoid right now.” [Source: Fox News]

In other words, don’t expect the furor over COVID to die down anytime soon. It’s just too easy of an excuse to suddenly hurl the nation into a total authoritarian state, highly likely under Biden and definitely likely under Queen Kamala.

On a positive note, it appears that seriously fake news outlets have periodically grown a conscience. For instance, Sharon LaFraniere, a journalist for The New York Times, gave strong credit to Trump for the benefit he left behind to Biden, in spite of Biden himself not bothering to acknowledge Trump in any favorable manner.

“Mr. Biden benefited hugely from the waves of vaccine production that the Trump administration had set in motion. As both Pfizer and Moderna found their manufacturing footing, they were able to double and triple the outputs from their factories.” [Source: The New York Times]

Thank you, Ms. LaFraniere. Imagine what an impact on Americans’ psyche could be make if fake news gradually begins to realize that the truth may be the most profitable, not to mention ethical, venture of all.

Author: Ofelia Thornton

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