Biden’s First Press Conference Makes History, But Not For Good Reasons…

During his first official press briefing since taking office, Biden bumbled his way through his discussions with the press, despite only answering questions that originated from a preselected list of topics from friendly reporters.

In Thursday’s briefing, Biden announced a new goal regarding the administration of 200 million COVID vaccines within his first 100 days in office. Throughout his remarks, Biden did not reference or credit Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program, which enabled the facilitation of the vaccine.

In addition, Biden also insisted that the United States is doing a superior job of distributing vaccines relative to all other nations.

In response to questions about the border crisis, Biden offered an array of excuses, which centered on Trump, the weather, and his own purported “nice guy” status.

Biden also added that he did not want to travel to the border personally since it might “cause too much of a stir.” Biden concluded by saying he will terminate the media ban at the border once he can implement his plan, though he declined to provide details regarding his objectives.

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