Biden’s Senile Rambling Might Have Just Started World War III

Well, it looks like Biden just might be getting his first taste of dealing with more difficult foreign affairs.

Difficulty undoubtedly compounded by Hunter’s antics, from Ukraine to China and who knows where else, which does not couple well with the face that Biden himself is not in the most optimal condition in the world take the likes of Putin head on.

For that matter, neither is Kamala. Despite all her pathetic posturing as the effective president of the United States, which she puts on rather full display through her solo calls to leaders of Canada, France, and other “progressive nations,” Kamala has not had any one-on-one time with Putin or other real challenges for a good reason … She is woefully unprepared to deal with serious international diplomacy.

Moreover, so is Biden which is precisely why Russia has ramped up activities out at sea, including military activities that are a tad too close to Alaska for comfort. Needless to say, these activities have raised the eyebrows of several concerned parties, such as Air Force General Glen VanHerck,

“Clearly, Russia is trying to reassert on a global stage their influence and their capabilities. That’s exactly what’s going on. It’s great power competition.” [Source: News Max]

Clearly, Russia also knows that now is a prime time to reassert itself on the global stage, particularly when Biden has utterly bungled the border and promoted all the wrong activities ever since assuming power.

In addition, VanHerck also warns about the fact that the conflict with Russia is likely much more complex than before, given that various military operations and battles are much more complex themselves. On top of that, Russia is apparently testing the limits of other nations, given that it will sometimes “stay for hours” in an air defense identification zone.

“The difference between the past and now is the intercepts are more complex – multi-access, multi-platforms and often times they’ll enter the [air defense identification zone] and stay for hours. That would be the significant difference. But why this is ongoing? It is playing out as the peer competition that we’ve talked about.” [Source: News Max]

Presently, Russia is testing its limits in the Arctic zone, apparently feeling that it will not face any harsh response from the Biden administration. Heck if Russians decide to march across the border, they’d probably be given amnesty too, based on the virtually nonexistent vetting taking place with hordes of migrants.

That said, Russia appears more interested in sea power and other far more frightening military exercises, clearly relishing the thought of a weakened United States, which would automatically elevate Russia’s power on a global stage.

“Within the last week or so, there’s been significant activity in the Arctic … Again, I attribute that back to a competition ongoing …

These Russian military operations include multiple flights of heavy bombers, anti-submarine aircraft, and intelligence collection platforms near Alaska. These efforts show both Russia’s military reach and how they rehearse potential strikes on our homeland. Last summer, the Russian Navy focused its annual OCEAN SHIELD exercise on the defense of Russia’s maritime approaches in the Arctic and Pacific.” [Source: News Max]

Not only is Russia testing the waters in the Arctic, but it is also testing the waters in Eastern Europe, much to numerous people’s dismay. Even more unfortunately, these activities are taking place largely in Ukraine, where Biden and Co. have a rather unpleasant history (or is it an ongoing business operation for “the big guy?”)

Even prominent fake news media outlets, such as The New York Times, are sounding the alarm, which means that the situation is probably far more serious than what is publicly known in the United States.

“The soldiers’ deaths, along with a buildup of Russian forces on the border, has seized the attention of senior American officials in Europe and Washington … In the past week, the U.S. military’s European Command raised its watch level from possible crisis to potential imminent crisis — the highest level — in response to the deployment of the additional Russian troops.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

On his part, Biden called Putin “a killer” recently, which is perhaps not the most diplomatic approach in the world, especially since it invited a rather blistering response from Russia, particularly Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mari Zakharova.

“Why do we always have to translate their strange, unintelligible political gibberish into normal speech?”

Looks like the Russians have a more accurate assessment of Biden’s “gibberish” than the fake news media here does.

It’s just unfortunate that Biden’s latest gaffe about Putin being a “killer” has such deadly international consequences … ones that the Biden administration is likely ill-equipped to face.

Author: Jane Jones

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