Bill Barr Blasts Biden’s Brazen Deception

Looks like Bill Barr is acknowledging what a disastrous fiasco Biden is, especially inlight of the fact that Biden has openly decievd the American public over his son’s laptop.

Even worse, Mr. Hunter Biden’s laptop represents a clear and imminent danger to national security, yet the utterly self-interested administration denied it, claiming that it was merely “Russian disinformation.”

More like real “Russian information” regarding Hunter’s very dirty deeds, especially after publicly partying with several sketchy Russian characters in Vegas in 2019.

Something suggests the Russians were around Hunter for reasons other than his miniscule intellect.

“He’s squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless—which he knew was a lie. And I was shocked by that,” Barr proclaimed.

Shocked at a Democrat outright lying? Where has Barr been?

“From a political standpoint now that this is in people’s consciousness, it had been suppressed up until now, obviously they have a hot potato and just to see how they handle it will be interesting,” Barr continued.

What will be especially interesting is how often the White House dodges the fact that Biden openly lied about a laptop that pertains directly to national security, perhaps directly to the war crimes in Europe now.

And it was considered scandalous for Bill Clinton to lie about sexual affairs in the 90s.

How times have devolved under Democrat “leadership.”

Famed podcaster Joe Rogan also finds the media coverup pathetic, especially since it sets a highly dangerous, Orwellian-style precedent.

“They set a precedent and that precedent is you can stifle information that makes you uncomfortable, you can stifle discussions where people have points of view that you don’t agree with,” Rogan warned, “and you think you’re right. So you think you should be able to stop those points of view. That is not the way to do it.”

Exactly. It’s easy to be “right” when all other views are not even acknowledged, if not outright punished.

Though such a response is characteristic of an authoritarian state, not so much a so-called representative republic.

“It’s never been the way to do it. It’s a dangerous precedent to set because then when more power is acquired by whoever, whether it’s social media companies or the government or whoever the f— it is, they get to establish narrative and that narrative might not be honest,” Rogan continued, “that’s a real problem. And the only way to find out what’s real and what’s not real, is to let people talk.”

Sadly, Democrats are no longer interested in discussions. They are interested in dictatorships.

And, above all, crushing the truth.

Such as the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which, indeed, is quite “messy” in terms of its implications.

“The truth is messy,” Rogan mused, “there’s a lot going on in the world. And you can’t stifle information and debate. It’s not healthy for anybody. And you can’t do it just because you think your side is correct. It’s not good. It’s not, it’s not what’s amazing about a free society.”

What will be really amazing is if America is still remotely free by 2024.

Especially if the Democrats continue to suffocate the ugly truth about themselves.

“And you can’t decide that there’s certain ugly aspects of this society that you think should be suppressed,” Rogan continued, “because when you do that, then people can decide your aspect of society is ugly, your perspective is ugly.”

One needs to only watch 5 seconds of CNN or MSNBC to confirm very ugly perspectives indeed.

Author: Jane Jones