Bill Maher Blasts Booster Shots

Bill Maher, a popular talk show host who has been increasingly outspoken against the woke, has revealed that he has no interest in receiving a booster shot for COVID. In addition, Maher asserts that he only received the first vaccine in order to “take one for the team.”

The Real Time with Bill Maher host informed his audience that he truly never had any interest in the vaccine, and he also does not believe that younger people have any need for the vaccine.

“I [do not] want a booster,” the 65-year-old proclaimed, adding that he “never [even] wanted the vaccine,” though he did so “for the team.”

Maher continued onwards to criticize the vaccine push on younger people, observing that he knows many millennials, in particular millennials in their 20s, who have no desire to become vaccinated at all.

Per the millennials, “they don’t think they need it,” and Maher observes that “they’re probably right.”

Maher also lets millennials know that even though he himself is vaccinated, he did so merely to demonstrate some collaboration with the team. However, he is not at all a fan of booster shots, especially if booster shots will begin emerging every eight months.

“Every eight months, you’re going to put this s–t in me?” Maher exclaimed, “I don’t know about that.” He also added that individuals may not even need a booster shot, and that he is not a fan of “a one-size-fits-all [approach,” especially since “[his] body may be different from [someone else’s] body.”

Representative Max Rose, a Democrat from New York, was not pleased by Maher’s response, commenting, “yeah, I lost you man … that’s crazy.”

Maher, however, quickly retorted, asking, “[So] my body isn’t different?” while also inquiring as to whether or not every individual’s body “isn’t somehow different” in some way?

Maher also added that he had recently reviewed statistics regarding who succumbs to the virus.

Rose, who is a former congressman, remained unamused, accusing Maher of “trying to be cute” by “rolling the dice.”

Maher merely replied that he is not trying to be cut, especially since he is still encouraging others to receive the first vaccine.

“I’m saying, get vaccinated,” Maher added.

Maher has previously been infected with COVID, though he was fully vaccinated when he tested positive for the virus. However, Maher was asymptomatic.

Joe Biden and his administration remain completely adamant about qualified individuals receiving the vaccine.