Billionaire BET Founder Stuns America After Turning On Biden

By Ashe Schow October 1st, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Wire

The last time billionaire BET Founder Robert Johnson made the news, it was over the summer, namely when he was demanding trillions in reparations for Black Americans. A bit rich (pun intended) for someone who managed to become a billionaire in such a “racist” country.

However, while one may have planted Johnson firmly in the radical left camp after expressing such sentiments, his latest commentary is actually the most stunning of all. Stunningly bad for leftists. Stunningly wonderful for American Patriots.

Specifically, Johnson effectively endorsed President Trump when asked about the upcoming election. Johnson responded obliquely, an understandable response for those who don’t want their house burned down to the ground. In addition, Johnson also declined to answer obvious partisan-baiting, namely when he was asked who “won” the debate. He simply replied that the American people “lost,” yet he followed this commentary with a rather stunning admission.

“This was like a schoolyard fight over who had the best-looking girlfriend,” Johnson said.

“It was a waste of an hour and a half that gave no guidance, no direction at all as to where the country will go after this election… Where I come out as a businessman, I will take the devil I know over the devil I don’t know any time of the week. And that seems to be what business people are confronting today.” [Source: Fox News]

When pressed by the CNBC anchor over whether or not he was endorsing Trump, Johnson again sagely avoided partisanship by refusing to endorse anyone, though he made it rather clear where his interests lie.

“I’m not endorsing anybody,” Johnson quickly responded. “What I’m saying is if I’m a businessperson, what you want more than anything else, particularly coming out of something as horrible as this pandemic… the more you know about who will be pulling the lever of economic growth, economic development, taxes, stimulus, regulation. In my opinion, you’re better off dealing with somebody you know where they’re gonna be than somebody you really have no idea what decisions they will make at such a critical time.”
[Source: Fox News]

Thus, more astute minds (i.e., not the “minds” of rioters) recognized immediately what Johnson was really saying, while the liberals probably remained fixed on how the American people have “lost” (a new campaign slogan for Harris, perhaps?)

While he did not directly endorse Trump in the same way that Kanye West, Hershel Walker, and many others have done, he effectively endorsed him with the above statement. In addition, his rather obvious bemusement of Biden’s policies (or lack thereof) further suggests who he will really vote for.

He continued, “I absolutely do not know what Vice President Biden will do. I haven’t heard anything coherent out of what he said he would do.” [Source: Fox News]

“I haven’t heard anything coherent …” Priceless. And completely accurate.

Then again, some research also reveals that Johnson and Trump have publicly interacted before, including shortly after Trump won the election. Specifically, he met with Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey, right as Trump was building his formidable White House team.

“I’ve known him for a number of years, and he knew who I was. He’s attended BET events in the past and we both have homes in Florida,” said the business magnate, who said the sit-down was facilitated via a mutual friend.

“I thought I would meet to see if there’s common ground with someone most in the black community might call an enemy. …it was clearly based on the respect two businessmen would give each other. I had very positive dialogue with president-elect Trump.” [Source: NBC News]

In this scenario, Johnson exemplifies open-mindedness and (imagine that!) tolerance. Rather than blindly attack Trump repeatedly, he elected to meet with him instead, realizing that Trump had a point about increasing opportunities for African-Americans that Democrats have spent decades torpedoing.

After all, one generally doesn’t become a self-made billionaire by being a complete and total idiot, though ethics are always in question, and for some, always on sale (cough, Bloomberg, cough).

Anyway, so much for the Democrats’ insistence upon how clear and sharp-minded Biden is. Perhaps relative to the Portland rioters, he was when he was their age, but it is unlikely the same could be said now. In addition, Trump was ready to go for 4 hours, whereas Biden apparently requested 30 minutes at a time.

It will be intriguing to see how little the Democrats will likely respond to this, as they’ve entrenched themselves so deeply (and unwisely) into identity politics that it is rather difficult for them to openly come out and criticize such a well-respected, self-made businessman in the black community. Particularly one who rose to success over the course of several decades.

Ultimately, Johnson’s commentary will likely weigh more heavily with minorities than the likes of Ms. Harris, who offers nothing but deceptively vague responses.

Barring a Project Veritas on a gargantuan scale, Trump surely is poised to trounce Biden everywhere but the permanently locked down, leftist-led states.

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