Bizarre Obama-Clinton Spectacle At DNC Mocked Nationwide

How sweet. When looking at the image above, one might almost be forgiven for believing the two individuals have been great friends for life. However, they were mortal enemies in 2008, when both had a fierce showdown over becoming the preferred Democratic Presidential candidate.

However, both of them seem to have found common ground, unsurprisingly based upon hatred: pathological hatred of President Trump, who succeeded in rightfully destroying Obama’s legacy and even more rightfully crushing Clinton in the 2016 election. Clinton was so stunned by her loss that she refused to even have the decency to come out and thank her supporters, preferring to rage away in her room instead.

Now, both individuals who seem to have dedicated their lives to criticizing Trump are featured speakers at the increasingly unpopular DNC, whose ratings have so far dropped 25% on the first night and 48% on the second night relative to its 2016 ratings. In fact, the commercials were considered more interesting than most of the Zoom calls, which featured a chaotic organization and uninspired format.

Clinton hilariously tells voters that jobs are on the line in this election, and while no one would dispute that fact, it is quite clear that the Democrats will not be the ones protecting jobs. Supporting people who burn down buildings that provide jobs, sure, but hardly the jobs themselves. That still didn’t stop Clinton from delivering statements of deliberate division.

“Lives and livelihoods are on the line …

For four years, people have said to me, ‘I didn’t realize how dangerous he was,'” Clinton said of Trump in prepared remarks. “‘I wish I could go back and do it over.’ Or worst, ‘I should have voted.’ Well, this can’t be another woulda coulda shoulda election.” [Source: Fox News]

Ms. Clinton, this election certainly won’t be a “woulda coulda shoulda election” for Trump supporters, and it seems that you’re rather nervous about your constituents actually getting out of bed on time to vote. Conservative voters are not exactly known for their lazier approach to voting, although a whole bunch of far left fascists certainly are. Despite Sanders’ supposedly wild support, he just can’t motivate college kids to get out of bed in enough time to actually cast a ballot, which, to be fair, must appear vastly more challenging a task to complete than an ill-advised tweet.

Obama was also full of negativity, saying “the consequences of [Trump’s] failure are severe.” However, like Clinton, he provided no specifics, just a bunch of hateful generalities.

Needless to say, neither offered much incentive for voting for the Democrats themselves, as the Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer aside from “No Trump.” Oh, the few things they do have to offer include no police and endless reparations, which really seems like a great way to ensure future prosperity (Not).

Perhaps the lazier voters, or non-voters, are preemptively preparing for a nation that will never allow voting, or elections that are always predetermined, otherwise known as the leftists’ dream; however, that is not a reality in the United States, which is why conservatives always exercise their fundamental voting rights.

Ultimately, the combined messages of both Clinton and Obama certainly provide more context for the nearly 50% drop in views relative to last year, although these ratings declines bode well quite well for President Trump.

Democrats still haven’t gotten the message that many Americans are much more interested in a message of unity instead of a message of hate, and no one seems to have missed that memo more than Obama, Clinton, and their close ideologues.

If Democrats really wanted to pose a real threat, that is a way of winning the election without egregious cheating, they might want to focus a little more on unity and a little less on division. For that matter, they might also want to focus on an actual platform, which the Trump campaign has long since organized, instead of their own endless attacks on Trump.

However, it does not appear likely they will do so in the final months leading up to the election, which is another major boon for the Trump campaign.

Hopefully, the RNC will be a vastly greater success than the DNC, showing what the real mood of the country is, not what the fake news wants it to be.

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