BLM Makes Kyle Rittenhouse Their Next Target — This Could Get Ugly

The recent Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy is devastating on multiple levels, particularly just before Thanksgiving.

Unbelievably, it appears that tragedy may become even more devastating in light of extremely disturbing content surfacing from BLM activists, who apparently have no shame whatsoever to transform any tragedy into their cause.

Except, in this particular case, they may have actually caused the tragedy.

After all, BLM “Activist” Vaun Mayes has already proclaimed that the parade tragedy is the start of a “revolution.”

“I don’t know. Now we’ll have to wait and see because they do have somebody in custody. We may have to wait and see what they say about why this happened … But it sounds possible that the revolution has started in Wisconsin. It started with this Christmas parade.” [Source: Fox News]

Thanks for openly pointing out that BLM truly is a terrorist organization that could care less who it kills, provided it gets enough politicians in its back pocket and enough legislation to foster tragedies like this in the first place.

Including the insanely leftist legislation that has permitted Brooks to be out and about, roaming the streets, in the first place.

In light of the parade tragedy, it is truly unfortunate that John Chisholm, the woke Milwaukee County District Attorney, found it appropriate to proclaim that his woke policies, including insanely low bail, would almost certainly result in someone being killed.

Consider his stunning remarks in 2007.

“Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.” [Source: Fox News]

“Guaranteed.” Wow.

And as far as this “overall approach” is concerned, could Mr. Chisholm possibly shed more light into what insane outcome he’s trying to achieve?

After all, Brooks is apparently a long-term career criminal whose history dates back to 1999. Not only has he been arrested a number of times over the past two or more decades, but this year alone, he has already been freed twice on bail, in spite of having an active sex warrant in Nevada (which likely remains active).

Unbelievably, Brooks was accused of attacking a woman with his SUV in July, yet he was still freed on a whopping $1,000 bail.

Now, he stands guilty of killing at least six while injuring nearly fifty.

So, please, Mr. Chisholm, once again, it would be wonderful to have some insight into the proposed “overall approach.” Otherwise, it appears that Brooks utterly and completely “invalidated” the joke of a judicial policy implemented in the first place.

And, lo and behold, it appears that such a policy was hardly a panacea, given that the woke district attorney’s office is apparently undergoing “an internal review.”

“This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps.” [Source: Fox News]

Here’s a thought: Perhaps the “next steps” shouldn’t involve woke politics.

Imagine that!

However, while the district attorney’s office just might be getting a clue, it’s fairly clear that BLM is clearly intent on remaining as violent and destructive as possible, going so far as to link a tragedy to “revolution.”

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson detailed the incident, without mentioning BLM.

“We have information that the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance which was just minutes prior, and the suspect left that scene just prior to our arrival to that domestic disturbance … There is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident.” [Source: Breitbart]

Hopefully, Thompson is correct.

However, Mayes appears intent on stoking the flames of racial discord, which is fairly evident from his social media commentary.

“I said I wasn’t going to speak on no rumors. Y’all are repeating some of the stuff that, you know, that has come up. And I can tell you that the initial person who reached out to me said that they believe that this has to do with the verdict, and so I made an assumption of which side it would be from, but I don’t know.” [Source: Fox News]

Maybe the FBI should consider focusing on BLM instead of parents …

Author: Ofelia Thornton