BLM Targets Elderly Diners In Sneak Attack

Well, it looks like BLM isn’t just satisfied to loot stores and set fires at night, now they’ve resorted to attacking elderly diners in broad daylight. Yes, you read that correctly. Just when you thought this “movement” couldn’t sink any lower, well … here it has sunk.

Diners who were quietly minding their own business and enjoying a much needed respite from endless lockdowns received a rather rude awakening when BLM stormed up, bullhorns and all.

As seen in the above images, a rather brash woman wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” marched up to a table with an older couple and downed their beer, in what could only be perceived as one of the most ignorant power plays ever captured on video.

As a side note, given how psychotic the Democrat party has been over masks, one would think that downing a stranger’s drink would be an even more likely way of spreading COVID-19, but it’s unlikely that even the most liberal commentators will address that one.

Another equally eloquent man is also seen screaming into a bullhorn at a man who clearly just wants to get in some outdoor exercise on a bicycle without being verbally assaulted and potentially physically attacked.

On top of the clear physical aggression displayed from the still images alone, the verbal barrage of hatred is perhaps the most disconcerting. This group of “peaceful protestors” has allowed their irrational hatred of police to morph into even more irrational hatred of white people as a whole, and they clearly feel emboldened by the platform of hatred pushed by the Biden-Harris ticket.

Here are some excerpts from their dialogue:

“F*** the white people!”

“F*** the white people that built the system!” [Source: The Blaze]


Unfortunately, this nonsense is not limited to Pittsburgh, as seen in the troubling image below, wherein outdoor diners in Washington DC were harassed by some overly zealous, likely student debt laden snowflakes. The gentleman by the window gazing down at his phone with a fist in the air does not exactly speak volumes about individual passion, but individualism is stamped out with the mob.

Similar issues were reported in Rochester, New York, after “protestors” demanded “give us our s**t!”

Guess “reparations” is too challenging of a word for that crowd. Probably a few too many syllables.

One would almost think that all of the above is from a really bad movie, it’s so out there; however, that is the world that Democrats have created, courtesy of their idiotic embrace of BLM. Looks like they had much more sense just a few years ago, when they were strongly warned to not “offer support” to the BLM movement. Until they embraced it.


Even ultra-liberal fake news commentators such as CNN’s Van Jones are slowly acknowledging the monster that they themselves had an active part in creating.

“I do know that the longer we talk about violence and unrest and how he’s handling it or not handling it it’s all advantage Trump …

“In other words, this campaign is going well for Donald Trump because we’re not talking about the economic devastation that people are experiencing or the virus really. And I think it’s time for us to recognize we — we are in a very perilous situation if you want to see a change in November,” [Jones] said. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Actually, Mr. Jones, the nation has been in a very perilous situation ever since the Democrat party decided to go off on the deep end over Trump, but you are correct: the situation has further deteriorated, courtesy of the fake news media.

Given that we are now well into the month of September, the election looms closer than ever, and the “protests” have curiously become more and more violent, as if the violence will somehow suffuse its way into millions of false ballots for Biden.

With the way things are going, Trump will likely sweep the electoral vote to such an extent that any recount attempts are meaningless. Trump experienced a blowout over fake news media-backed Clinton in 2016, and that was before the Democrats allowed violence and irrationality to overtake the party.

One can only imagine how much broader Trump’s electoral scale will be in early November.

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