BLM’s Latest Act Of Hate Streamed Online

Another day, another BLM excuse for avoiding any and all accountability. And, remarkably, this avoidance of accountability continues to occur even in light of brazenly breaking one’s own employer’s rules.

In Chattanooga, which is in Tennessee, a BLM activist that apparently bothered to get a job at a local library has recently been fired, after the results of an investigation that was initiated back in December.

As noted by The Washington Post, the library’s branch managers had instructed Mr. Cameron “C-Grimey” Williams” to follow through on a rather simple task. Simple for someone not filled with hate, that is.

“The branch managers told employees they could bring home any weeded-out titles, he said. But Williams, a rapper who helped organize demonstrations against police brutality last year, reportedly had other plans for the books he picked out.” [Source: The Blaze]

Other plans, indeed. Which just goes to show the extent to which leftists are dedicated to destroying all logical thinking and education. Whatever makes it easier to control the people. Not to mention inspire them to violence, which was the case in Tennessee.

“C-Grimey” apparently thought it was a good idea to steal conservative books from the library he worked at, set them on fire outside, and, astonishingly, stream the entire event on social media.

Needless to say, he was placed on administrative leave. Knowing that it may well end up in the news for some absurd accusations of bias, the library quickly released a statement detailing why “C-Grimey” was currently on leave.

“It’s our job to ensure that all walks of life have access to information without judgment or prejudice … Whether these materials were actually destroyed in a fire or even if they were just removed, that does go against our policy. Because at the end of the day, we believe that censorship has no place in a library.”
[Source: The Blaze]

Exactly. Censorship of books brings to mind the standard tactics of major dictatorships, who openly collude to limit people’s access to knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and the Democrats certainly do not want anyone to have excessive power.

Ultimately, after the investigation, the library decided to fire “C-Grimey,” with cause.

“The City of Chattanooga Human Resources Department completed its investigation of an allegation that books were removed from the Chattanooga Public Library’s Main Branch on Dec. 1, 2020 … The investigation determined that [Williams] violated City and Library policies by improperly removing items from the Library’s collections.” [Source: The Blaze]

Of course, like a standard BLM “activist,” “C-Grimey” refused to admit fault for the firing. Instead, he blames “racism” for being fired.

“This is not the precedent on how this stuff is handled … To be frank, it’s because I’m a community member that’s been speaking for the betterment of black people for several years.” [Source: The Blaze]

Oh really? “Not the precedent?” Seriously? Which precedents is “C-Grimey” referring to? The ones set by fake news?

Speaking of which, fake news just landed itself in hot water for paying tens of thousands of dollars to another BLM “activist,” John Sullivan … for his footage of the Capitol Hill breach, in which he took part.

Some of this stuff simply cannot be made up.

“For Thirty Five Thousand dollars ($35,000), the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Licensor herby grants to CNN a non-exclusive license to use the materials described as follows: ‘Eyewitness video of the shooting at Capitol Hill 01/06/2021.” [Source: Court Listener]

Wow. If that isn’t “inciting” violence, what is?

One can only imagine how increasingly out of style accountability is going to become over the near future in the Harris-Biden administration … Or is it increasingly just Harris at this point?

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