Blundering Biden Sparks 25th Amendment Rumors

You know Biden’s appearance in Europe didn’t go as planned when he managed to cause more chaos than Kamala.

Between the Biden-Harris clown show, it’s quite remarkable that multiple world leaders are able to keep a straight face around such a disastrous duo.

However, on some occasions, the disastrous duo may veer from mere incompetence to straight up destruction, which was certainly the case when Biden loudly blared for regime change in Russia over the weekend.

During one of his typically loud, yet ultimately empty, speeches, Biden apparently decided to ramp up controversy by calling for an overthrow of Putin.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot stay in power!” Biden blared, in an apparently unscripted remark.

Biden also added that Putin was a “butcher,” which in and of itself was quite ironic

Needless to say, given that the United States has already incurred a highly unfavorable reputation with regards to regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and too many others to count, it is safe to say that European leaders were not exactly thrilled with Biden’s demands to overthrow Putin.

On the contrary, French President Emmanuel Macron came out very quickly to distance France, and by default, other NATO allies from Biden’s latest round of disastrous remarks.

“I wouldn’t use this type of wording because I continue to hold discussions with President Putin,” Macron said cautiously, “We want to stop the war that Russia has launched in Ukraine without escalation – that’s the objective.”

That may clearly be the objective for France, but it is very unclear what Biden’s objective is, aside from literally blundering just about everything he touches.

Or, says.

After all, Biden not only called for regime change in Russia, but he also suggested to Polish soldiers that boots would go on the ground in the Ukraine, which runs directly counter to his earlier assertion that NATO troops would not be moving into Ukraine.

So, it’s safe to say such “gaffes” aren’t really acceptable when they can literally lurch the world into World War III.

Which is precisely why author David Limbaugh has called for the 25th Amendment, in light of Biden’s latest gaffe brigade.

“Now Biden – ONCE AGAIN – begins with some stupid stab at humor,” Limbaugh declared, “this is so unnerving having this man ‘lead’ the free world at this point.”

You could say that again. It’s scary that he was ever allowed to “lead” in the first place, but here the nation is.

Thanks, China-COVID, for that.

Limbaugh then proceeded to issue a call for the 25th amendment, which isn’t exactly unreasonable considering Biden’s continued blundering, especially the variety that may lead to World War III.

“Honestly, the 25th Amendment was crafted for just such a situation as we are now in with Biden,” Limbaugh declared, “yet at least two things militate against this happening: [First], his handlers are running things anyway, and [second], [Kamala Harris], though not mentally incompetent – just stupid – could be worse,” Limbaugh continued.

Excellent points all around.

After all, which president would be the greatest disaster in a World War III circumstance:

Biden or Kamala?

What a frightening choice …

Anyone else miss “Mean Tweets?”

Something suggests that no offense on Twitter will prove to be as as deadly as nuclear war …

Author: Jane Jones