Bombshell: Battleground State Makes Stunning Confession

For those who stayed up late on Tuesday, Michigan, like many other states, reported Trump’s strong advantage over Biden. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Trump’s lead was especially high, before “ballot counting” had to be stopped and resumed the following day.

Pennsylvania seemed to call it a day especially early, reporting approximately 64 percent of its results by late Tuesday, results that favored Trump over Biden by at least 13 percentage points. Some individuals perceived Pennsylvania’s decision as suspicious,

By Wednesday, Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania had dramatically shrunk, and Michigan mysteriously flipped to blue overnight. In typical fake news media fashion, Michigan was also immediately called for Trump, just the way Arizona was, despite the fact that Arizona has hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be processed.

When looking at a map of Michigan counties, they appear almost universally red, with the exception of classic Democrat-“led” cities that unsurprisingly turn up blue. Nonetheless, Trump’s lead was so great that it seems terribly strange that Biden suddenly received enough votes to not only challenge Trump, but overtake him.

Turns out, it was very strange, as a county clerk in Michigan has admitted to “skewed results.”

An official letter released from Antrim County admits discrepancies in ballots and results, which need to be addressed to ensure a truthful outcome.

“Early this morning, the Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy, became aware of apparently skewed results in the Unofficial Election Result tabulations. Since then, the Clerk’s Office has been reviewing the results and the multiple redundancies to search out any possible discrepancies. Staff is currently working with township officials and with Election Source, the company that provides the voting software programs and hardware.

“By this afternoon, we expect to have a clear answer and a clear plan of action addressing any issue,” said Sheryl Guy, Antrim County Clerk. “Until then, we are asking all interested parties to bear with us while we get to the bottom of this.” Further information will be released as it becomes available throughout the day. [Source: The Daily Wire]

What is so significant about Antrim County? Well, unsurprisingly, it is a Republican stronghold, yet the county seemed to have an unusually high number of Democrat votes.

In fact, the number of additional votes for Harris-Biden was so high that it drew public comment from Tom McMillin, who commented on the curious nature of Antrim County results.

“It just looked weird,” he said. “Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

What is also messed up is that Michigan is one of the states that the Republicans had to launch a lawsuit against shortly before the election. The lawsuit was based on the fact that Michigan courts had made a troubling ruling regarding mail-in votes, allowing votes received up to 2 weeks after the election to be counted.

How convenient. Was that “2 weeks” designed as insurance for Harris-Biden? As they were certainly the ones promoting mail-in ballots, along with Pelosi and other vile members of the Democrat party.

Mike Shirkey, a journalist for The Detroit News, wrote in a compelling editorial in which he notes that this judge’s decision represents one of many that eventually leads to the death of liberty.

“The death of democracy will not come in the form of single, dramatic event. It will be a steady, incremental chipping away of our institutions and our laws until we do not recognize our nation. Most recently, it comes in the form of a jurist in Michigan legislating from the bench, and in doing so, threatening the integrity of our election.” [Source: The Detroit News]

Shirkey is 100 percent correct. Trump, as well as legions of Americans, want election integrity, and most are fully aware of the fact that Democrats will only succeed in the event of a steal.

The Republicans were ultimately victorious in their lawsuit, as the Michigan judge’s rather obvious maneuver was shot down by a higher court, which insisted that all votes must be received by 8 p.m. on November 3.

While this victory was hopeful at the time, it also signaled that Democrats in Michigan had other tricks up their sleeves, which became blatantly clear yesterday morning.

In the meantime, the ever classy duo of Biden and Harris have already launched their transition website, all but assuming they have victory in sight. These would be the same individuals who criticized Trump for claiming victory in Pennsylvania, despite the numbers fully backing up his assertion.

They seem awfully confident in the fact that they’re going to take the White House, though perhaps this confidence originates from their insider knowledge on every dirty Democrat trick in the book being used to steal the election, not to mention America’s integrity, for their own selfish desires.

Perhaps it is because they are already aware of the shenanigans going on to protect them by more than one crooked “official?”

It is unclear whether or not the results in Michigan will change, though the Trump team has launched a legal effort to recount ballots.

In addition, Arizona appears even more promising, and victory there would assure an even greater chance of Trump taking the White House, despite every vicious leftist trick in the book.

Here is hoping to a change in the media narrative, sooner rather than later!

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