Business Owner Gets The Perfect Revenge On Lebron James

Recently, a bar owner in Ohio announced that he would no longer show NBA games inside his business establishment until Lebron James faces expulsion from the NBA.

Last week, James sparked serious controversy after tweeting a photo of an Ohio police officer that was involved in the incident with Ma’Khia Bryant.

James tweeted, “YOUR’E NEXT #accountability” alongside the photo.

After his tweet, James faced significant backlash for implying that law enforcement behaved inappropriately by defending a young girl that had been involved in a fight with Bryant. Since this incident, numerous videos have emerged that feature Bryant armed with a knife during the time of the police shooting.

Consequently, Jay Linneman, who owns Linnie’s Pub, stated that NBA games will be banned until James is prohibited from playing basketball.

In a Facebook post, Linneman warned would-be NBA viewers not to come to Linnie’s Pub, as NBA games will not be aired “until Lebron James has been expelled from the NBA.”

During a recent interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Linneman criticized athletes who use their power and influence “to push their opinions,” and he recommended for them to simply “play the game and that’s it.”

Moreover, Linneman also pointed out that high-level government officials would have faced significant consequences had they made similar commentary.

Linneman has received mixed reactions to his position. On one hand, many accused him of being “racist” and that he should just “shut up and pour.” On the other hand, several others praised Linneman for the stand he took against Lebron James, with one commenter pointing out that the police officer is a “hero” for saving a young girl’s life.

James himself replied to Linneman in a tweet mocking the bar, remarking, “Aww Damn! I was headed there to watch our game tonight … Welp” on Twitter.