Business Owners Blow Off New Mask Mandates

In New York, business owners have blown off the latest indoor mask mandate issued from the draconian desk of Governor Kathy Hochul, a mandate ostensibly tied to the COVID-19 cases rising across the state.

Tim Dougherty, Ron Sember, and Michelle Sember, the co-owners of World Gym of Greece, made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” in order to discuss the mandates. The business owners also detailed why they will not enforce the latest mask mandate policy, as well as how the mandates have affected their business.

“Our membership has increased dramatically,” Michelle Semper declared, noting that World Gym of Greece receives “probably … five signups to every one cancellation because of the mask mandate.”

In other words, the business owners have “increased [their] membership” due to their unwillingness to entertain government overreach.

While memberships have spiked at the gym in recent weeks, Ron also noted that the cumulative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been utterly devastating.

Ron recalls how “it was supposed to be a two-week shutdown” last spring, allegedly in order “to slow down the spread.”

However, that “two-week shutdown” rapidly transformed into “a seven-month close-down.”

The extended closure “completely ruined [the] business,” Ron continued, adding that business will likely “never … return to pre-pandemic status.”

Ron demonstrated a generally dismissive attitude towards the state’s fines, remarking that such fines tend to be “irrelevant” at this point in time.

“They’ve already destroyed our businesses,” Ron remarked wryly.

According to Dougherty, the general response to the business owners’ decision on mask mandates has been mixed, noting that they had received “a ton of pushback” as people generally do not like “to exercise in masks.”

“Exercise is hard enough,” Dougherty declared, “[so] to make somebody‚Ķ mask up and to run or lift it, it’s ridiculous.”

The gym co-owner also noted that some of the gym members were “real avid people” that managed to exercise with masks, though most people did not.

Governor Hochul just announced the mask mandate in the past week, which is applicable to businesses that opt out of requiring vaccination for entry.

The indoor mask mandate is expected to remain in place until at least January 15.