CDC Throws Cold Water On Super Bowl Celebrations

With the upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday, the CDC recently issued new guidance that might rankle football fans.

Per the federal agency, Americans should host socially distanced outdoor gatherings or virtual watch parties, which are considered the safest ways to avoid catching COVID during the highly anticipated game.

Furthermore, the CDC also calls for sports fans to remain socially distanced, wear masks, avoid crowds, and eschew indoor spaces with insufficient ventilation. In addition, Super Bowl fans should also sanitize their hands to promote safer gatherings.

However, if football fans are attending a celebration with others who live outside their household, the CDC also issued a staunch warning against “shouting”, “singing”, and “cheering loudly” while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead, the CDC suggests for individuals to “clap”, “stomp [their] feet”, or “bring hand-held noisemakers” in place of cheering and shouting.

The CDC also discourages traditional Super Bowl buffets. Instead, celebrants should “bring [their] own food, drinks, plates, cups, utensils, and condiment packets.”

A University of South Florida (USF) professor, Jay Wolfson, remarked that all Americans should now be familiar with how to hold a “responsible” Super Bowl celebration.

“Wear the darn mask,” Wolfson urged, while also insisting upon social distancing and hand washing, as well as common sense in general.

Wolfson argues for Americans to “put in the discipline this year” in order for their friends and families to enjoy the following year “without the residue of COVID.”

“We need it … Let’s not make it the last thing we ever do,” Wolfson concluded.

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