Chaos Erupts As True Face Behind Mass Shooting Is Revealed

The individual arrested for killing ten people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on Monday night was apparently on the FBI’s radar, given his ties to another individual under investigation from the FBI.

As reported by The New York Times, the identity of Al Aliwi Issa, the shooter, was previously known to the bureau given his association with another suspect individual. Court records reveal that the shooter was born in Syria in 1999. In addition, a Facebook page with the name Al Aliwi Issa appears to belong to the suspected shooter.

Issa legally purchased a firearm and passed the corresponding background check within six days of the shooting.

Before it was taken down, the shooter’s Facebook page was filled with posts that raged about Trump and Islamophobia, though the FBI is still insisting that Issa’s motive is unknown.

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