Chauvin Conviction Doesn’t Stop BLM’s Violence

Across New York City, BLM protestors have assailed diners during a march that commenced shortly after Derek Chauvin’s conviction. On Tuesday, Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter, third-degree murder, and second-degree unintentional murder in the passing of George Floyd.

After the conviction, the BLM march began in Brooklyn, with participants screaming, “Whose streets? Our Streets!”

As the march approached outdoor diners, various march participants began verbally assailing them, as well as the Caucasian business owners who offer ethnic food on their menus.

The crowd screamed that they didn’t want the diners there, nor did they “want [their] f**king money.”

After harassing diners, the BLM march continued throughout the streets of New York. The march featured many tense moments, though no significant acts of violence have been reported. On the other hand, other cities, such as Portland, had violent moments.

Recent video footage, obtained from The Oregonian, shows a protestor punching a law enforcement officer directly in the face, resulting in a violent interaction.