China Flirts With Brazen Invasion

Considering that the bungling Biden administration has failed to show any form of uniformity in a number of global affairs, it is little surprise that Xi’s minions have been taking copious notes with regards to just how weakened the United States has become on the global stage with Biden at the helm.

Exhibit A: Biden’s utterly disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a move that greatly endangered servicemen amongst NATO forces, yet also a move that greatly pleased Russia, who has long wished for the United States to no longer maintain such a presence in Afghanistan.

Not to mention China, a likely beneficiary of the $90B in US taxpayer-funded military equipment left behind after the abrupt withdrawal from a 20-year conflict, all so that Biden could have a convenient photo op before 9/11/21.

Exhibit B: Biden’s continued bungling of the U.S.-Mexico border, which was worsened by placing clueless Kamala in the position of “Border Czar.”

Considering that legions of Hondurans blew off Kamala and decided to stampede towards to border anyway, it is no surprise that Putin doesn’t even give Ms. Harris a passing moment of thought during his nefarious deliberations.

Speaking of Putin, that leads Biden’s list of bungling “achievements” in the international sphere (hey, he undoubtedly achieved the United States being laughed at), has reached a new crescendo with Ukraine, where he continues to blare about sanctions that crush ordinary Russians while permitting despots like Putin to run free.

No wonder then that Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has been steadily reporting an enormous amount of increased Chinese aggression, as Xi is well aware of the fact that Biden may have a massive, albeit dwindling, bark, yet virtually no teeth for a real bite, assuming appropriate gumption was ever assumed to instigate a real bite in the first place.

“J-10 and five J-16 fighters as well as one Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft… flew over an area to the northeast of the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands at the top end of the South China Sea,” Taiwan warned on March 14.

These observations echo others reported by Taiwan News, including other troubling developments on March 11.

“One People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Shaanxi Y-8 electronic intelligence plane flew into the southwest corner of Taiwan’s ADIZ … So far this month, 17 Chinese military aircraft have been tracked in Taiwan’s identification zone, including nine fighter jets, six spotter planes, and two helicopters,” Taiwan News reported ominously.

Furthermore, Taiwan News also delineated a host of other times that China became increasingly aggressive, noting on May 13 that “Chinese planes were tracked in Taiwan’s identification zone 22 times in April, 18 times in March, 17 times in February, and 27 times in January.”

In other words, Xi is having a grand old time watching Biden destroy the United States, to such a brazen extent that one would almost wonder if such destruction was done by design.

In addition, Hunter continues to maintain a 10 percent equity stake in a highly questionable Chinese firm that predictably has super dodgy ties to the Chinese Communist Party, but Hunter has also been seen partying with Russian mobsters in Vegas.

So, in which nation is Hunter not compromised? Venezuela?

Because one thing is for sure: Putin and Xi are undoubtedly incredibly dangerous forces that all Americans should be uniting against.

Kind of hard to put up a fully united front when the American president’s son gets rich from foreign interests.

Author: Ofelia Thornton