Chip Roy Contemplates Biden Impeachment, See Why …

Chip Roy, a GOP rep from Texas, recently informed Fox News about the great irony he observes with impeachment. Specifically, Roy remarked upon the strange scenario wherein a former president is being impeached while a current president is failing to fulfill his duties as a chief executive in terms of fulfilling the country’s immigration laws.

Roy’s remarks came in the midst of his explanation regarding why he co-signed a letter directed to Biden with other GOP representatives, which detailed the grave risk that Biden’s immigration executive orders would pose to both American citizens and migrants.

As noted by Roy, Biden’s executive orders on immigration clearly constitute “a political move,” wherein Biden apparently assumed he must “appease his leftist base.” The leftist base has taken aim at ICE, which is currently “in the crosshairs of the left,” Roy continued, despite ICE serving an important role for “interior enforcement.”

Roy also weighed in on the irony Kamala Harris and others engaging in the ongoing impeachment saga against President Trump, especially given Biden’s current activities. 

As noted by Roy, “There’s a ‘take care’ clause in the Constitution that says [Biden’s] got to enforce the laws of the United States. He is specifically and purposefully refusing to enforce [them].”

Based on Biden’s deliberate disregard of laws, particularly as they pertain to immigration, Roy notes that Biden is “[endangering] the American people,” as well as “[endangering] other immigrants.” Roy also pointed out that Biden’s new stance on immigration is particularly concerning for Texas, which is why Biden must continue to be pressed on his ultra-liberal immigration stance.

Even more interestingly, Biden’s executive orders contrast strongly with what the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has to say.

Psaki claims that “the vast majority of people will be turned away”; however, Biden’s executive orders have provided strong incentives for migrants seeking to cross the border.

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