Clinton Takes Aim At Cuomo, See Why …

If you happen to be wondering how the likes of Hillary Clinton may stand on Andrew Cuomo, namely with regard to the rampant sexual abuse allegations being levied against him, wonder no further: Clinton has just announced her own (rather ironic) position on Cuomo, and she isn’t afraid to share it.

“These stories are difficult to read, and the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that the women who have come forward and all New Yorkers deserve answers to … I’m glad to see that there will be a full, independent, and thorough investigation.” [Source: Fox News]

It is unfortunate that Clinton did not feel compelled to extend the same generous attitude towards women who accused her husband of rather atrocious deeds, and for that matter, Tara Reade, whose story regarding Biden was essentially untouched by the American media.

Australian media, however, gave Ms. Reade the time of day, observing that the dismissal of Ms. Reade illustrates how #MeToo “is dead.”

“The fact that many outspoken proponents of the #MeToo movement have declared they will vote for Joe Biden despite sexual assault allegations levelled against him by a former staffer shows the movement is dead, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.” [Source: Sky News]

Pretty sad when Australia, widely known as one of the most “progressive” nations on the planet, is calling out the leftists in the United States for not protecting their own. What’s even sadder is these same leftists also ensured that Ms. Reade’s voice was totally and utterly crushed in the United States, while simultaneously giving Kavanaugh accusers a mega microphone (not to mention mega money).

Even ultra-liberal Vox noted that Clinton’s position on her own husband’s behavior is rather troubling (after providing some lame semi-justification for Clinton first, of course). Nonetheless, the fact that Vox dared to publish something remotely anti-Clinton in 2018 illustrates the degree to which she was complicit in covering up her husband’s unsavory behaviors.

“As a woman married to a powerful man accused of sexual misconduct, Hillary Clinton is in a difficult position, forced to answer for someone else’s alleged misdeeds. But Clinton is also powerful in her own right, and when it comes to preventing and punishing harassment, she may not always have used her power wisely. Her latest interview is another example of a core problem for her legacy: She does not seem to have fully reckoned with the seriousness of sexual harassment and assault, especially when it comes to the men closest to her.” [Source: Vox]

Well, many people are also in “difficult positions” outside of Ms. Clinton, but have to hand Vox credit where credit is due: She certainly did not seem to be “fully reckoned” with the critical importance of sexual crimes and misconduct.

Nonetheless, in spite of her radically different position just a few short years ago, Clinton has suddenly hopped aboard the anti-Cuomo train, along with Pelosi and a number of others.

Which does lead one to wonder why she is suddenly in favor of Cuomo facing a reckoning while her own husband, as usual, gets off scot-free. And that is when it becomes clear that one really does not need to wonder, as Clinton always does what is the most politically expedient thing to do, ethics and real world consequences be damned.

Fortunately, in this particular scenario, Clinton is likely (indirectly) helping women who truly were traumatized by monstrous Cuomo. After all, Cuomo can’t be bothered to care about the deaths of thousands of elderly patients, never mind the psychological well-being of the young, inexperienced women he unsurprisingly hired to “assist” him. Or young reporters who had the misfortune of interacting with him.

One of those young women, Lindsay Nielsen, recently released a statement in which she was full of nothing short of gratitude for other women coming forward over Cuomo, as she herself clearly was not comfortable with doing so immediately (and, given the super pro-left fake news media environment these day, who could blame her? Just look at Tara Reade …)

“I just started crying … I was sitting in my car and was like bawling my eyes out. I was just overwhelmed because I had very similar experiences and it all just kind of came flooding back to me.” [Source: Fox News]

Of course, what will ultimately matter is what prosecution Cuomo will face, if any. Not only over sexual assault allegations, but also the horrific nursing home scandal.

If nothing happens, then all this talk is just that … talk.

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