CNN Hack Labels President Trump a “Dead Man Walking” In Disgusting Rant

By Andrew Mark Miller November 12th, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo referred to President Trump as a “dissident” and a “dead man walking” for declining to concede the presidential race to former Vice President Joe Biden.

“That from a president, and now, we’re hearing from Trump, who is no president. He’s a dissident at best and a revenant in the main, a revenant, a dead man haunting the halls of a country in crisis,” Cuomo said Tuesday night. The comments came after playing clips of President Barack Obama welcoming then President-elect Trump to the White House in 2016 after completing the maximum allowed number of years in White House.

Cuomo added: “So, we get what’s going on. The question is, what do we do about it? The first thing is, you got to keep that energy up, too. You’ve got to be outraged by this because if this dead man walking and his zombie pals in Congress are looking to make this transition into a complete horror show, the only thing that’s going to stop him is the outrage of what they know just bit them in the behinds at the polls.”

Trump has disputed the results of last week’s presidential election, citing widespread voter fraud and launching legal battles in several states.

Cuomo and Trump have had a contentious relationship over the past few years involving harsh criticisms from Cuomo and the president mocking the anchor by referring to him as “Fredo.”

“I watch this guy who’s got lousy ratings,” Trump told a rally crowd earlier this year. “Fredo. You know Fredo? Got horrible ratings. He’s talking about the pandemic. That’s all they talk about, you know? I don’t know. He said he had it. I’m not sure he had it. He went to the basement. It’s the only time his ratings were up. People wanted to see what was going to happen. He’ll probably get it again even though, in theory, you’re not supposed to be able to.”

“I’m sure you do want me to get sick again,” Cuomo, who tested positive for the coronavirus in March, responded. “But all I wanted was for you to get well. And I [don’t] want others to suffer because I take no joy in other people’s pain, and neither should you.”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump is a ‘dissident’ and a ‘dead man walking’

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