College Students Call For Abolition Of The Constitution

At the University of Florida, multiple dozens of college students have claimed that the United States Constitution should be abolished. Several students have even signed a petition for doing away with one of the nation’s most critical founding documents.

“It should be abolished,” a student proclaimed to Campus Reform, adding that it is now time “for a new Constitution.”

Another student proclaimed that the Constitution is a symbol of patriarchy, claiming that the time period in which the Constitution was produced was a period of “rich old white men,” which is allegedly “exactly what that document says,” as well as what the document “stands for and vouches for.”

Campus Reform conducted interviews in advance of Constitution Day, which is generally celebrated on September 17. However, students appeared largely unwilling to celebrate the critical founding document, in spite of the fact that it assures college students’ most cherished rights, including the right to protest or “peacefully assemble.”

As part of its interviews and research, Campus Reform inquired if students would be willing to sign petitions for abolishing the Constitution, allegedly replacing the current Constitution with an inclusive, modern version.

Multiple dozens of students subsequently indicated their agreement and signed the petition.

“It has to be [abolished],” one student whined when asked about why the Constitution should be revised. The student also added that the Constitution “wasn’t written for the 21st century.” Instead, the student claimed that the Constitution was written for “the 1700s,” which apparently invalidates its value today, per the collegiate viewpoint.

Another student shared these views, claiming that the Constitution has “a lot of outdated things,” which apparently “aren’t accepted” today.

College students’ responses are undoubtedly influenced by increased attacks on patriotism, which have been spearheaded by liberals. Some liberals have even argued that the American flag is a highly divisive symbol that should be changed.

For instance, Macy Gray, a singer, proclaimed that the American flag should be changed since the current flag is not only “incorrect,” but also “tattered, dated, [and] divisive.”

Moreover, in an appearance on MSNBC, Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board, claimed that she was “disturbed” to see several American flags hanging from homes during a trip to Long Island, New York.

However, the New York Times has since defended Gay’s remarks.