Collins Critiques Biden’s “Clumsy” Court Nomination

When the Biden administration manages to irritate anti-Trump Republicans, it’s pretty clear that the White House has long since lost its way.

After all, in how many different scenarios would Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Senator Susan Collins of Maine demonstrate some consensus, particularly in terms of something as serious as Biden’s (or someone else’s) Supreme Court pick?

After all, Collins was more than in favor of impeaching Trump, which was not exactly a view shared by the vast majority of Republicans.

Cotton, however, demonstrates a clearer connection to conservative voters, which is precisely why he is understandably edgy about Biden’s (likely) ultra-woke Supreme Court pick.

The kind of picks that like to remake the law, rather than interpret the law, in other words.

Or, in the case of the egregiously deceptive Sotomayor, invent facts in order to invent laws, oftentimes in favor of the ultra-left.

Which is why Senator Cotton has rather low expectations when it comes to Biden’s supposedly compelling Supreme Court pick.

“I can’t say that I’ve got wild expectations that Joe Biden is going to nominate someone who I think I can support, or many Republicans can support because I’ve seen dozens of his nominees to the lower courts,” Cotton mused, “and they’ve almost to a person been left-wing ideologues who think judges should make the law rather than apply and uphold the Constitution and the laws as they are passed.”

In other words, the Democrats could care less about their nominee’s respect for the Constitution, as they clearly prefer the melodramatic, albeit fact-less, theatrics of media-loving justices like Sotomayor, who was unsurprisingly nominated to the Court by Obama.

And, in the spirit of Obama, Biden is apparently continuing the tradition of allowing identity politics to guide the his nomination for a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court, experience and education be darned.

“The person I will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity – and that person will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court,” Biden brayed.

So, in other words, all the other possibilities who may have “extraordinary,” if not the absolute best, qualifications, will be swept to the side in favor of “the first Black woman” on the Court, as apparently race and gender alone should determine who serves in such an important position.

Then again, an identical strategy worked for Kamala Harris, so why not the Supreme Court? As if the Democrats cared about competency, much less character, anyway.

After all, the failing Biden administration needs another photo op to misrepresent history.

Even Senator Collins was a bit miffed by Biden’s rather blatant, race-baiting approach.

“The way that the president has handled this nomination has been clumsy at best,” Collins remarked disdainfully.

Biden has mishandled a whole lot more than a Court nomination, but it’s good to see Collins acknowledge this particular blunder, especially since it’s an egregiously partisan one.

“It adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution like Congress when it is not supposed to be,” Collins continued, “I certainly am open to whomever he decides to nominate. My job as a Senator is to evaluate the qualifications of that person under the advice and consent role.”

Too bad under the Biden administration that “qualifications” also include appearance-based criteria, with a greater emphasis on the traits someone received upon birth rather than earned through life via merit.

Ah, how could conservatives forget? “Meritocracy,” or success in life due to merit, otherwise known as hard work, is apparently also associated with “white privilege.”

What isn’t associated with that tremendously overused term?

Sadly, merit counts for beans in the Biden administration, which is apparently determined to keep a grand total of one campaign promise.

“It’s long overdue in my view. I made that commitment during the campaign for president, and I will keep that commitment,” Biden added.

Oh, so now all of the sudden Biden is concerned with keeping his “commitments.” How about the commitment to bring civility and unity back to politics?

Oh, that’s right: Such a commitment isn’t nearly divisive enough, and therefore apparently not worth keeping.

Ironically, it also looks like a fairly sizable percentage of Americans would rather Biden not keep that particular commitment, judging from the results of an ABC News/Ipsos poll: As reported by Newsmax, a grand total of 23 percent of Americans are interested in Biden keeping his commitment to brazen affirmative action, whereas 76 percent strongly prefer for the president to consider “all possible nominees.”

A large number of Americans are also likely prefer that the next Court justice isn’t dragged through the mud the way Trump’s picks were, but conservatives tend to have a tad more class than that.

“I can say one thing that I won’t do, and I doubt any Republican will do, is engage in the kind of grotesque smear campaign against the character of fine men like Clarence Thomas or as we saw what happened with Brett Kavanaugh two years ago,” Cotton confidently proclaimed.

Especially when Republicans are laser focused on sweeping the 2022 midterms …

Author: Jane Jones