Corporations Face Consequences Of Woke Policies — And Boy Are They Brutal

Note to woke companies: When you face the inevitable consequences of blindly following the Democrats, come up with better excuses when chaos predictably ensues.

On top of that, perhaps refresh yourselves on basic Civics lessons in between your various CRT and COVID seminars, as well as various other workshops regarding how to be “diverse” in every possible way, aside from political and ideological diversity.

Given that most companies seem ready to jump at the slightest lift of Biden’s eyebrow, it should come as no surprise that they’ve apparently forgotten that a presidential mandate is hardly equivalent to law.

For instance, even when Obama aggressively pushed through Obamacare, the legislation still had to pass through Congress before he could begin punishing companies for not adhering to legislation.

Biden, however, can abruptly proclaim vaccine mandates, and companies respond just as if the presidential mandate is already law.

And, since woke corporations apparently can’t remember basic civics (not to mention basic checks and balances), it is no surprise that they come up with utterly useless excuses when their services are predictably disrupted.

That’s what happens when you try to jab people against their will.

Leaving woke corporations such as American Airlines unable to come up with a very compelling excuse as to why 1,500+ flights were cancelled over the weekend.

“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences.” [Source: OANN]

So, “crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences?” Right.

One would imagine something as invasive and sudden as a vaccine mandate to result in various individuals “out of their regular flight sequences.”

Essentially translation for mass protests, or another “sick out” that was widely rumored to have afflicted Southwest.

Speaking of Southwest, can “weather” please be dropped from the list of remotely plausible excuses for the inevitable consequences of vaccine mandates? After all, as arrogant as mainstream media is, it has yet to provide compelling evidence of fake weather incidents.

American Airlines proceeded to shoot itself in the foot by absurdly claiming the cancellation of various flights will ensure that the company is “taking care of [its] customers.”

“To make sure we are taking care of our customers and providing scheduling certainty for our crews, we have adjusted our operation for the last few days this month by proactively canceling some flights.” [Source: The New York Post]

It is unclear how “proactively” cancelling people’s plans for no apparent reason is providing any form of “care” to customers, though one is hardly surprised with Emperor Biden “in charge” of the nation.

Breitbart News wryly notes that American Airlines is suffering the consequences of its blind allegiance to Biden, which will ultimately hit the airline’s bottom line.

“Woke American Airlines has informed its employees that they will either get a needle injected into their arms by November 24th or face losing their ability to feed their families.” [Source: Breitbart]

Given that various police departments, fire departments, and a host of companies are experiencing issues due to the vaccine mandate, it will be interesting to see whether or not the vaccine mandate will persist.

Particularly if it cripples an already unstable economy.

Which is precisely why more than one hardworking American has utterly had it with the Biden administration.

In fact, a Southwest Airlines pilot recently joined in on the frustration by announcing, “Let’s go Brandon,” on the speaker. While the sentiment undoubtedly thrilled many customers, leftists became massively offended and promptly began demanding the termination of the pilot’s job.

The company immediately kowtowed to protestors, illustrating just how spineless many organizations have become.

“Southwest takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment for the millions of Customers who fly with the airline each year and behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive will not be tolerated.” [Source: Breitbart]

Someone should inform Southwest that nothing is more “divisive” than the “Brandon” administration itself …

Author: Ofelia Thornton