COVID Cases Accelerate Under Biden

In the third week of Biden’s administration, over 20,000 individuals in the United States have passed away for COVID.

More specifically, 20,599 people are estimated to have passed away due to various complications associated with COVID during the third week of the New Biden administration, per a report from John Hopkins University.

When taking into account Biden’s third week alongside his first two weeks in office, the total number of U.S. deaths related to COVID has escalated to 73,811 from the Wuhan COVID virus. In total, the United States has suffered from 471,422 COVID-related deaths.

According to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC Director, the United States may expect more than 500,000 COVID-related deaths to occur by February 20.

This past Wednesday, the CDC also issued no guidance, including the suggest to “double mask”, or wear two masks instead of one. This suggestion is based upon an early summary of a study, which examines the relative efficacy of double masking.

Thus, the CDC concluded that researches found double masks have the potential to be effective in order to curtail the spread of the Wuhan virus.

At the same time, Biden is presumably contemplating ways in which his administration can stop the spread of COVID, including domestic travel restrictions. 

However, Ron DeSantis, the GOP Governor from Florida, reacted strongly to Biden’s proposed travel plans, informing reporters that such restrictions would be nothing but a “political attack against the people of Florida,” as well as “unconstitutional,” “unwise,” and “unjust.”

DeSantis also added that Biden’s proposed travel restrictions will be 100% unilaterally opposed.

Ironically, Biden’s proposal is further weakened by the fact that Florida has experienced lower levels of COVID cases and corresponding hospitalizations, despite having a less draconian approach to masking and mandatory lockdowns.

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