COVID Coordinator Gives Surprising Relief

Dr. Ashish Jha, who serves as the COVID coordinator for the White House, recently, and surprisingly, announced that he does not expect any surge in COVID infections, akin to the infections that occurred in January due to the latest variant of the coronavirus.

During an interview on “This Week,” an ABC News channel program, Jha argued that hospital capacity and admissions should serve as a better benchmark than case numbers as far as the pandemic is concerned, given that the hospital figures provide better insight into how serious the pandemic truly is.

“I don’t expect a surge at all like what we saw in January,” Jha declared, adding that such a situation is “extremely unlikely.”

“But we’ve got to take these things seriously, monitor it closely and see where it goes,” Jha added, observing that the COVID vaccines appear to be “holding up just fine,” particularly if one is “boosted” against the coronavirus.

Jha argued that the “bottom line” is the fact that the newer variant is, despite being “more transmissible,” a variant that is not responsible for “[causing] more severe disease.”

“So it’s that transmissibility, [rather than the severity], that’s really causing [the sub variant] to increase in terms of infections across the [United States],” Jha continued.

The White House COVID Coordinator also gave a high degree of praise to the approach of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the latest variant.

“The CDC says … we should also be looking at hospitalizations, obviously, because that matters more,” Jha declared.

The COVID coordinator cautioned that the pandemic is not yet over, as much as the nation wishes for that to be the case.

Nonetheless, Jha argues that the nation is “in much better shape” relative to before.

“We have to keep plugging away at managing the virus to get back to our lives,” Jha concluded.