COVID-Infected Antifa Pass Out Popsicles, This Is Revolting…

By Stephen Sorace October 26th, 2020 | Image Source : Fox News

An Antifa member unknowingly infected with coronavirus took part in protests and handed out food during a popsicle party in Portland, Ore., last week, according to a report.

Members of the left-wing group began expressing concern on social media Saturday, the Post Millennial reported.

“Anyone who was at the Resistdance at the Red House last night — someone who was there just got a positive Covid test,” a member wrote in the “PDX Uprising” Telegram chat room, according to the outlet.

While the infected individual was not named, they were identified as the partner of the person leading the Antifa group Blunt Bloc, which gives out edible marijuana products at protests, the outlet reported.

“My partner tested negative for covid less than 10 days ago but tested positive today which means I might be sick too,” a twitter account called Blunt Bloc posted, according to the outlet. “Last night at Red House I used gloves/hand sanitizer before handing out any edibles/flower and maintained strict kitchen covid cleanliness when baking.”

The twitter account said that they are both quarantining and urged those who participated in the events to “wear ya damn mask” and get tested for COVID-19.

Author: Stephen Sorace

Source: Fox News: Antifa member infected with coronavirus hands out food at Portland popsicle party: report

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