COVID-Positive Migrants Swarm The U.S.

Biden’s America continues to rage on, now in the form of more and more illegal migrants streaming across the border. The kicker? Several of them are COVID positive … and still being permitted ot enter the nation.

Much to the dismay of Americans already rightfully alarmed by the Biden-Harris administration’s dramatically left turn, which was rather artfully hidden throughout the entirety of their “campaign,” complete with up to fifty cars for a “drive in” rally.

In fact, most Americans (aside from the deep Democrat insiders) likely did not expect this level of insanity, given how frequently Biden would harangue Trump for his supposed handling of the COVID pandemic over the course of his “rallies”

The same handling that provided Biden and Harris with ample vaccine supplies, but of course they’ve largely taken credit for that. And before they even took advantage of the vaccines, they were bashing Trump’s leadership during COVID, as evidenced by Biden’s own commentary in Pennsylvania last fall.

“Imagine where we’d be if this president just wore a mask instead of mocked it from the beginning — I can tell you this. And every major health expert agrees with me …

And I can tell you this, we wouldn’t have 9 million confirmed cases of COVID in this nation. We wouldn’t have over 230,000 dead — almost 9,000 here in Pennsylvania. We wouldn’t be seeing those new record numbers of cases we’re seeing every day now.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, guess what, Biden? Every “health expert” also agrees children can go back to school safely, yet they are still blocked from school across broad swathes of the United States (unsurprisingly, in the most liberal areas).

And as far as the “new record numbers of cases,” Biden is hardly one to talk about Trump, given the gloomy statistics in which the Biden administration is associated with now.

Most importantly, however, Biden is raging about Trump wearing a mask, while he is personally permitting COVID-positive migrants to stream across the border.

According to Felipe Romero, a spokesperson for Brownville, Texas, 185 COVID-positive migrants have now entered the United States, representing a significant jump from 108 COVID-positive migrants the week before.

Romero also added that he does not have the authority to monitor where illegal migrants go once they enter the United States, which means all of them are likely barreling towards various sanctuary cities that routinely defy the federal government by refusing to follow ICE protocols (in other worse, by refusing to protect Americans).

And these migrants openly admit to coming due to Biden’s perceived generosity. Just ask Mario, one of the tens of thousands storming towards the United States.

“The president of the United States, Biden, helps the people because it’s necessary, you know.” [Source: Fox News]

Great, Mario. Would be nice if Biden “helps” conservatives as well, but he does just the opposite. And, in terms of COVID, he is endangering all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, all for artificial press.

Something suggests that hordes of COVID-positive illegal migrants pose a greater risk than not wearing a face mask …

Meanwhile, as far as American citizens are concerned, they apparently cannot re-enter the United States without having received a negative COVID test 72 hours in advance of an international flight back to the United States.

So, for all the terrified Americans who have allowed COVID to subsume their lives, how does it feel to have a current administration that not only avoids punishing illegal criminals within the nation, but also lets COVID-positive migrants stream in from outside the nation?

Something suggests that individuals may have been less gung ho to vote for Biden, had they known his real intentions from the start. Then again, if people were aware of the ultra-leftist bent, then Democrats would have to manufacture or otherwise conjure even more “ballots” in favor of Biden, and everyone knows that the combination of Democrats and hard work represent the ultimate paradox.

One can only hope that some new terrible “strain” does not happen to make its way to the fake news media (and if it does, everyone knows where it really came from …).

After all, all the fake news media and Fauci need are some “strains” mysteriously resistant to the COVID vaccine, heck, perhaps even resistant to just one mask, which means amplifying rules and regulations for “public health” will rapidly race in.

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