Crenshaw Issues Ominous Warning On Nation’s Future

Earlier this week, GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX), a former Navy SEAL, stated that the United States is presently in a more precarious position now than it was on September 10, 2011, or one day before the horrific terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. Crenshaw bases his reasoning on the fact that terrorist groups now have more space for reassembling.

Crenshaw made his remarks on the “Brian Kilmeade Show,” which appears on FOX News Radio. Over the course of the 14-minutes segment, Crenshaw provided insight into his thoughts on Biden’s abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan, and he also described the potential resurgence of major terrorist threats from organizations such as the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

“We’re in a worse position now than we were on September 10, 2001,” Crenshaw proclaimed, adding that it is important to remember that the United States was not yet at war during this time, though a foreign enemy “was at war with us.”

“And guess what, they’re still at war with us,” Crenshaw continued, adding that Biden had not ended the war and any claim to the contrary is a “myth.” Crenshaw also observed that politicians may claim that they will end a war, but enemies also “[have] a say” in whether or not the war is over.

Crenshaw also expressed concerns over who would protect the nation from terrorist attacks in the future once al-Qaeda reassembles and finally receives more “breathing room,” which the terrorist organization is thrilled to have now, especially since they “can start to externalize their operations again.”

Trump had previously set up a “conditions-based” withdrawal with the Taliban when he was in office, though Crenshaw observes that Biden completely abandoned the parameters that had been previously set in place by Trump for the withdrawal.

While the final objective in Trump’s plan “would have been a stabilized power-sharing agreement between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban,” Biden decided to completely “[give] all that up,” according to Crenshaw.

However, while Crenshaw reserves heavy criticism for Biden, he does not believe that Biden is entirely culpable for the tragedy overseas. For instance, Crenshaw also blames generals who failed to stand up to Biden, in spite of knowing the catastrophe that would unfold.

“I know for a fact [the generals] gave [Biden] the right advice, and he decided not to take it,” Crenshaw noted, adding that there appears to be “a massive lack of contingency planning overall.”

Crenshaw has been highly critical of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan from the start. The Representative shared numerous tweets criticizing the administration’s airlifting of American citizens, alongside Afghan allies, and he also accused Biden of effectively surrendering to the Taliban.

“In what f—ing world was it a good idea to just hand over a country to these people?” Crenshaw demanded.

Crenshaw also criticized the fact that the Biden administration continues to “keep passing the buck to their generals,” calling for “a day of reckoning for everybody involved in this.”