Cruz Blows Off Boehner’s “Bloviated” Ranting and Raving

GOP Senator Ted Cruz has recently responded to the scathing commentary of John Boehner, the previous Speaker of the House. Noting that Boehner had referred to him as a “jerk,” Cruz shredded Boehner’s “drunken, bloviated scorn” in response, adding that he wears Boehner’s outburst with “pride.”

In a tweet from Friday, Cruz observed that the swamp is festering with dissatisfaction, as evidenced by Boehner’s outsized reaction to Cruz. Cruz also wryly added, “please don’t cry” in his tweet.

Cruz’s tweet was initiated by a preview of Boehner’s impending interview with CBS, wherein he claimed to not like beating anyone up, though he proceeded to rail against what a “jerk” Cruz is. Boehner also accused Cruz of making significant noise, yet making little actual progress in Congress.

According to Boehner, beating people up is “not really [his] style,” but he also added, “except for that jerk,” in reference to Cruz. Boehner also identified Cruz as the “perfect symbol” of an individual who becomes elected and subsequently makes significant noise, draws strong public attention, raises substantial funds, and repeats the process all over again to obtain more funds.

On his part, Boehner is promoting his soon-to-be-released book, On The House: A Washington Memoir, across multiple media outlets.

Cruz and Boehner have conflicted in the past, even just this past February when Boehner informed Cruz to go “f— [himself]” while he was recording his audiobook.

Cruz also replied to Boehner’s comments in February, observing Boehner had “made some news” for suggesting that Cruz “do something that is anatomically impossible.” Cruz also added, “Who’s John Boehner?”

During the same time period, Boehner had also tweeted a photo of himself, large glass of wine beside him, and he included a caption stating that people “can blame the wine for the expletives.”