Cruz Hurls Curveball At Biden — He Can’t Recover From This One

By now, Biden should have learned that it is generally not a good idea to tangle with Cruz. First and foremost, Cruz is a bit faster on his feet, both intellectually and verbally, than Biden, to put it as kindly as possible.

Second of all, and perhaps even more importantly, Cruz does not waver in his beliefs, nor does he ever apologize for his conservative stance. On the contrary, Cruz represents a public servant who is more than eager to stand up against corruption.

Moreover, this corruption includes a deliberate lack of transparency, coupled with blatant deception of the public. And, of all the various catastrophes that have unfolded with the Biden administration, one of the most devastating of all pertains to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border, a crisis that has rapidly spun out of control thanks to the ultra-woke, leftist brigade.

Over the past several weeks, Biden has managed to draw increased scrutiny for his disastrous policies regarding immigration, in particular the border crisis, and not even the fake news media has been able to entirely suffocate the speculation surrounding Biden’s horrifically bad policies.

As more than one media outlet has observed, journalists are being blocked from the border and the true extent of the crisis has been deliberately hidden by the Biden administration, which enjoys a heavy dose of aiding and abetting by Circle Back Psaki and a range of other yes-men that dominate the current presidency.

The truth cannot be hidden from some Americans, particularly in Texas, who are totally subjugated to the nonsense that has ensued at the border since Biden took office. However, the truth can certainly be obscured to other Americans via fake news media, which is precisely where Senator Cruz has stormed in to reveal the brutal reality of what is taking place at the border.

A reality that is rather starkly different from the heavily filtered statements delivered periodically to the public by one of the most secretive administrations in recent history.

And while many Americans are becoming gradually aware of the tens of thousands of migrants swelling at the border, several of whom are COVID positive, not to mention all the unaccompanied minors being “kept in cages,” one particular situation is probably less known to the public … and that pertains to the rental of children.

That is correct: Biden’s insane immigration policies have managed to inspire another completely sadistic cartel activity, which apparently consists of renting children to bring to the border, all in order to invoke the ultra-woke, ultra-leftist (and, ultimately, ultra-naïve) sympathy card.

Which Cruz outlined in brutal detail.

“We are seeing an instance of more and more young males arriving with kids …

When those kids are DNA tested against those males, many of those males are not related to those kids … What the cartels are doing is they understand the weakness and the loopholes in the Biden administration’s policies and if a young adult male, possibly a criminal, possibly a gang member, if they want to come into the country, all they have to have is a kid.” [Source: News Max]

In other words, Biden is providing all the encouragement in the world for violent gang members to set up shop in the United States alongside their violent colleagues in Mexico, thereby turning the United States into an increasingly inhospitable location.

On top of that, Biden is causing great harm to the very individuals he claims his administration wants to protect, as also brutally detailed by Cruz.

“Many of those kids then are physically abused or sexually abused and they are seeing the kids then coming multiple times with multiple different adults … There’s nothing humane about what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing at the border … hey are subjecting kids to horrific abuse …
They’re endangering their lives in a pandemic by keeping them locked up in cages right on top of each other and then they’re releasing illegal aliens in the United States that are testing positive for COVID at a rate 7 times higher than the U.S. population. This is a humanitarian crisis, it is a health crisis and it’s a national security crisis.”
[Source: News Max]

In other words, Biden and Co. are causing infinitely greater harm to individuals south of the border than Trump ever did, though the fake news media is working overtime to hide this truth.

That said, senators like Cruz won’t take the corruption and deliberate lack of transparency lying down, which is precisely why Cruz remains well respected amongst numerous American Patriots.

Should Trump choose to endorse someone else in 2024 for the presidency, Cruz would not be a bad option …

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