Cuban-Americans Hold Massive Anti-Biden Rally

Several hundred Cuban-Americans launched massive protests across Miami, Florida, ultimately blocking a major expressway. Throughout the protests, Cuban-Americans demanded that Biden provide much more support to the people of Cuba.

As stated by one protestor with a Cuban flag draped across his back, it is critical for Cubans to receive “Biden’s support,” though thus far they have yet to receive “support from the president.” Consequently, Cuban-Americans themselves are trying “to finish with the communism” by “trying to fight.”

Despite heavy downpours, numerous Cuban-Americans continued to protest, though they were turned way from police upon reaching the highway. During the protests, Cuban-Americans loudly proclaimed “SOS Cuba” while cars locked in a standstill honked their horns.

In Cuba, massive anti-government protests broke out over the weekend, particularly given the escalating economic crisis that has enveloped the communist island nation. Thus far, at least 100 different journalists, activists, and other demonstrators have been detained.

Another female protestor proclaimed that Biden needs to “listen to the people here,” especially since Cuban-American politicians “know what is best for the people in Cuba.” She also added that Biden should “hear [the Cuban-Americans] out” and ultimately come up with a viable solution.

On his part, Biden paid lip service to the protestors earlier in the week.

He claimed that the U.S. government “[stands] with the Cuban people,” which includes “their clarion call” for relief and freedom from “the tragic grip of the pandemic,” as well as from multiple decades of “economic suffering” and “repression” endured underneath the authoritarian regime that dominates the island.

Biden’s statements emerged after Miguel Díaz-Canel, the Cuban President, claimed that the American government has provided funding to the protestors.

Another protestor in Miami directly spoke out about the “tremendous genocide in Cuba,” which is why it is imperative for Biden to help the ailing nation. Asserting that the protests are centered on demanding more from Biden, the protestor proceeded to request for “the White House to pronounce in favor of the people of Cuba.”

The protestor also added that Biden’s merely verbal support is insufficient, noting that the administration could do quite a bit to help the nation. More explicitly, the protestor called for “international aid” to the ailing island.