De Blasio Begs For Public Assistance After Defunding Police

If you think De Blasio is bad, wait until you get a taste of his wife’s latest antics. Charlene McCray, Bill De Blasio’s equally leftist wife, openly called for the police to be defunded last year. As if that call even needed to be made, given how much abuse the police faced over the course of last summer.

Now, Ms. McCray, apparently alarmed by the rise in crime from such an absurd “defund police” policy (who would’a thunk it?), thinks that citizens, who are already stressed to the gills living in New York City, should apparently take on the role of police officers.

Yes, the woman who lives in unparalleled luxury in New York City, a luxury even more unjust considering what little she did to earn it, apparently thinks citizens should endanger their lives by confronting violent, armed criminals.

As if that will somehow stop the escalating crime rates, though Ms. McCray, like most politicians or individuals closely attached to politicians, will never have to deal with the consequences of her own political madness.

A madness that has led directly to a 75 percent increase in shootings and increased attacks on Asian-Americans. Though Ms. McCray would rather put more pressure on citizens than more taxpayer funds where they really belong: into police departments, where professionals are trained to deal with professional thugs. Which is rather evident from her latest (and shameless) plea.

“As attacks on Asian American communities continue, we’re asking New Yorkers to show up for their neighbors and intervene when witnessing hateful violence or harassment. I know that can be frightening when you aren’t sure what to do or say, but you can learn … Fear is a normal feeling when stepping into a confrontation, but being prepared can help.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Yeah. A “normal feeling,” huh? Imagine how the NYPD feels, Ms. De Blasio …

For those previously unfamiliar with the “First Lady” of New York City (what an honor …), Charlene McCray is likely the most infamous for managing to “lose” $900M in taxpayer revenues, ostensibly over programs designed to help New York City’s vulnerable populations.

As noted by Bob McManus in a scathing editorial on Ms. McCray, asserting that she, like her husband, is “a world-class boondoggler in her own right.” Starting with her effective raid of all the tax revenues that New York City clearly needs, as it is one of many Democrat-led cities that is chronically broke.

“It is not, in the end, just about money. The programs at issue ostensibly are meant to assist particularly challenged people — the helpless, often homeless, mentally ill and small children whose futures are forfeited because they landed in shamefully nonfunctional schools, an experience from which they will never recover …

That two such scandals should bubble to the surface unannounced is bad enough. That it should happen in a single week is worse — it’s an embarrassment … New York is supposed to be better than that.”

The key word is “supposed.” Unfortunately, New York City has been steadily barreling downward ever since real leadership, such as that exhibited by Rudy Giuliani, has evaporated and subsequently supplanted by scandal-ridden Democrats.

The “two scandals” that McManus refers to involve two major money scandals that managed to arise in the same week, both of which involved both De Blasios.

First, Bill apparently lost nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars on a doomed school project. Second, his wife managed to top him and lose $900M on … no one is still sure exactly what.

No one is bothering to investigate either, which is likely why De Blasio is so eager to have all the attention focused on Cuomo, the embattled governor of New York who is now facing his own reckoning in the form of formal impeachment proceedings.

The left always do excel at eating their own, as well as driving away the very tax base that they need to fund all their nonsensical programs and varied personal collections.

Ironically, the insanely high taxes of New York City are driving the city’s wealthiest to flee to vastly more business-friendly locales, such as DeSantis-led Florida.

May they not bring their political views to the Sunshine State …

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