Defense Secretary Dodges Democrats, See Why …

While Blinken recently delivered testimony to the Senate that was astonishingly divorced from reality, at least Blinken actually showed up to the Senate.

As Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Secretary of State, apparently cannot be bothered to show up to the Senate when it calls.

Given the rather dictator-happy nature of the Democrats, it is safe to say that they did not take too kindly to Austin’s effective rebuke of their call to testimony on the Afghanistan debacle, in particular Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Menendez, who serves as the Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, is enormously displeased with the manner in which the Afghanistan withdrawal was handled, illuminating that he’s clearly more connected to reality than most of the State Department.

And he was rather direct in his displeasure when making comments towards Austin.

“Mr. Secretary, the execution of the U.S. withdrawal was clearly and fatally flawed … we know now that the Taliban had no intention of pursuing a political path and peace deal with the Afghan government.” [Source: Newsmax]

Well, as admirable as Menendez’s willingness to stand up to the disastrous Biden administration now may be, the reality is that anyone with a remotely functioning brain could probably deduce that a terrorist organization won’t really have any intention of seriously pursuing a “peace deal.”

After all, peace runs a bit contrary to terrorism, which the Democrats apparently haven’t figured out … Just look at their literally fire-fueled “protests,” after all. But of course, it is only conservatives who could possibly be “domestic terrorists,” if one is to believe AOC’s yapping, anyway.

Menendez’s anger over the Afghanistan withdrawal is also clearly aggravated by the fact that Austin just skipped the Senate hearing entirely, which in and of itself reveals how terribly executed the mission truly was.

And Menendez is not happy that Austin has apparently decided to dodge the hearing, which further clouds the waters of what really occurred in the embattled nation.

“I’m very disappointed that Secretary Austin declined our request to testify today … A full accounting of the U.S. response to this crisis is not complete without the Pentagon, especially when it comes to understanding the complete collapse of the U.S.-trained and funded Afghan military.” [Source: Fox News]

Menendez is disappointed all right.

In fact, he is so disappointed that he is now threatening to subpoena Austin over the Afghanistan withdrawal, along with anyone else over the last two decades who may have knowledge regarding the nation.

“[Austin’s decision] will affect my personal judgment on Department of Defense nominees … And if he does not [appear before the committee], I may consider the use of committee subpoena power to compel him and others over the course of these last 20 years to testify.” [Source: Fox News]

Given that Biden is already struggling with the confirmation of nominees, infighting between Democrat Senators and the Department of Defense will further reveal the enormous incompetency of the Biden administration.

And it’s not only Democrat Senators who are angry, but also Democrat Representatives.

For instance, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) has vocalized his displeasure about being ignored by the State Department in regards to inquiring the whereabouts of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

“In addition to Americans or people with American residence, legal residence, who wanted to get out…we still need a comprehensive answer in terms of the status of each and every one of those individuals.” [Source: OANN]

Apparently, Biden’s State Department can’t be bothered to reveal these whereabouts, and it appears such reluctance is too much for even Democrats to bear.

At minimum, they have midterm elections to think about.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has been quite forceful in his commentary on Biden’s foreign policy team, openly demanding their resignations.

“Joe Biden called the death of 13 Marines & the abandonment of American civilians to the enemy an “extraordinary success.” Disgraceful. There must be accountability. I will not consent to fast tracking any Defense or State Dept nominee until Biden’s foreign policy team resigns.” [Source: OANN]

If situations like Austin’s dismissal of the Senate continue occurring, Hawley may end up with more support than he anticipates …

Author: Ofelia Thornton