Dem Demolished By Multiple Federal Charges

Recently, another Democrat has made the news for running egregiously afoul of the law. New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, recently assailed with several federal charges, including bribery, has just announced his resignation.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced that she had accepted the resignation of Benjamin, given the extent of fraud discovered.

Specifically, Benjamin has been accused of intentionally participating a quid pro quo scheme. In the scheme, Benjamin acquired several campaign contributions from a real estate developer in exchange for securing a $50,000 grant for a nonprofit organization, which happened to be controlled by the same realtor.

The grant money originated from taxes, the rates of which have elevated significantly in New York over the past several years, compounding the impacts of inflation.

The duplicitous scheme took place over several years, from 2019 to 2021, and the indictment accuses the New York Lieutenant Governor of engaging in “in a series of lies and deception” in order to cover up his misdeeds, including abuse of power.

Currently, Benjamin now faces a litany of charge, including fraud and bribery, as well as the conspiracy and falsification of records.

During an initial appearance in a Manhattan federal court, Benjamin promptly pled guilty, given the irrefutable evidence surrounding his misuse of taxpayer funds and abuse of power.

Benjamin’s bail was set at a quarter of a million dollars, and he has subsequently been released.