Dem Governor Doubles Down On Ending Mandates

Per recent information released by Reuters, Phil Murphy, the Democrat Governor of New Jersey, has doubled down on his decision to end mask mandates for public schools.

During an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Murphy proclaimed that additional school districts will continue lifting the mask mandates as the weather warms and the overall impact of the omicron variant continues subsiding.

“Our numbers our improving,” Murphy declared, adding that he would justify the use of the adjective “dramatically.”

The Democrat governor noted that his instincts were alerting him to the fact that “warmer weather in the spring,” coupled with the virus variant “[heading] in the right direct,” then it is logical for an “overwhelming” number of school districts to persist in lifting the mask mandate for public schools.

The New Jersey governor is one of several Democrat governors who have started easing mask mandates in public schools. The governor’s move comes as President Biden continues to blare about the alleged necessity of mask mandates.

On Thursday, Biden admitted that some masking requirements for students may fall since the federal government intends to start vaccinating children under the age of five years old. However, the president, who has frequently been photographed without a mask, proclaimed that it is probably too soon to start eliminating mask mandates across schools.

Nonetheless, on February 7, Murphy announced that masks would no longer be required fro staff, students, or visitors in daycare centers and schools across New Jersey. Previously, the state’s mask mandate had been in effect from September 2020 onwards, ceasing formally in the Spring of 2022.

Per the new rules recently approved by Murphy, school districts can decide individually whether or not they would like to continue insisting on masks, as the statewide mandate is eliminated.

Governor Murphy also offered high praise for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), noting that “cases in school transmissions” and “rates of transmission” have improved and are moving “in a dramatically good direction.”