Democrat Senators Boycott SCOTUS Confirmation, See Result …

As chaotic and troubling as events in the United States have proven to be over the past several months, courtesy of the “tolerant” left, this week has proven to be one of the most encouraging yet for American Patriots.

The week began with continued chaos over Hunter Biden’s laptop and its rather nefarious contents, a chaotic situation that was further sweetened by Ratcliffe’s blunt dismissal of any possible Russian “interference” with Biden’s personal laptop. Plus, an whistleblower inside Biden’s circle backed up the FBI.

Last night, Trump resoundingly crushed Biden in the debate, offering key plans, solutions, and past successes. Biden offered … relentless insults on Trump, including Harris-style theatrical expressions, as well as “plans” that did little more than repeat what Trump has already been doing.

Before last night’s rather rewarding debate (rewarding for conservatives, that is), another spectacular event occurred: the official approval of the confirmation of Amy Cony Barrett, a supremely intelligence constitutionalist, to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Trump stated weeks ago that he would fill the vacant SCOTUS seat with a female appointee by the end of October. And, in spite of all the media’s tantrums and the Democrats’ unconstitutional justification for “delaying” Barrett’s hearing, Barrett received formal approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee to proceed forward with a formal vote on Monday, October 26. That would be before the end of October, just as Trump promised.

Meanwhile, the only promises the Democrats routinely follow through on are supporting “peaceful protests” that happen to burn down entire cities and revolving around screaming, looting, and attacking, However, to be fair, the left is fairly consistent in that regard.

In the meantime, they fail to focus on the issues that Americans really care the most about, such as whether or not Biden intends to pack the Supreme Court, which in theory could overturn many, if not all, of the liberties that were constitutionally enshrined since this nation’s founding.

However, Biden spoke about as vaguely regarding the Supreme Court as he did regarding his son’s rather obvious involvement in duplicitous overseas arrangements.

“The American people have a right to have a say in who this Supreme Court nominee is and that say occurs when they vote for United States senators and when they vote for president of the United States,” Biden said during the first debate in September. “They’re not going to get that chance now because we’re in the middle of an election already.” [Source: Breitbart]

Ok, Biden. So, in other words, the American people shouldn’t at all be concerned about what you may do with the Supreme Court if you’re elected. They should blindly vote for you and just trust that you’ll do what’s best for Americans.


Hilariously, following Biden’s nonexistent lead, Chuck Schumer attempted to subvert the entire process by boycotting the Senate proceedings, along with the other lemmings that unfortunately follow him. Apparently Schumer thought that failing to show up would be the best way to block Barrett’s confirmation process. He clasim that Barrett’s nomination represents an “illegitimate markup,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

Sounds like classic leftist word salad to most.

Anyway, Schumer’s move already wasn’t very bright, considering how much Barrett has escalated in national approval over the course of the hearing process. However, the move really wasn’t bright when Schumer apparently forgot about a little concept called quorum.

Since Republicans thankfully outnumber Democrats, the total absence of Democrats meant nothing in terms of meeting the required quorum. The Republicans already had the requirement met in spades. As a result, Barrett’s confirmation sailed through.

Schumer, being Schumer, has apparently issued a new threat, clearly tone-deaf to how irritated Americans are becoming with nonstop partisan opposition to Trump, particularly over coronavirus relief effort. Since his boycott of Barrett’s confirmation approval hearing failed to work, he is now threatening to dismiss the Senate until November 3.

“We are not going to have business as usual here in the Senate while Republicans try to use an illegitimate process to jam through a Supreme Court nominee,” he wrote. [Source: Breitbart]

Business as usual? Eh, Schumer, exactly which business are you speaking about? The kind where Pelosi roadblocks literally every single thing Trump does to help Americans?

The business where Democrats refuse to negotiate and storm off on a multi-week vacation, leaving Trump behind in Washington D. C. to sign executive orders regarding desperately need COVID-19 relief for Americans?

Or, even the better, the nonstop “business” over the past 3.5 years of chasing Russian bogeyman that ultimately trace back to … Obama and Clinton?

Whatever “business” Schumer may be referring to, it surely is not the type of business that would be of interest to virtually any American that is interested in the nation moving forward, rather than remaining locked in an eternal basement a la Biden.

Especially since most Americans’ basements aren’t flush with Chinese and Ukrainian cash.

That said, next week should begin with Barrett’s official ascension to the Supreme Court, which is fitting, considering Monday is October 26 and Trump appointed her on September 26.

For anyone interested in really getting things done, not to mention retaining constitutional freedoms and liberty, the choice could not be clearer.

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