Democrats’ Defund The Police Agenda Crashes And Burns At Epic Proportions

While the likes of BLM and Antifa may clamor for the total and complete abolition of police, law-abiding, hardworking citizens may have a different idea about law enforcement.

Yesterday was a highly consequential day for the nation, with much of national attention focused on the highly consequential gubernatorial race in Virginia.

Fortunately, the Trump-endorsed Youngkin is widely reported to have won over communist McAuliffe, who is infamously known for proclaiming that parents should have no right to comment on what their children learn in school.

In a sense, the outcome of the Virginia governor’s race is a harbinger of things to come in 2022, especially if Democrats continue down their dangerously ineffectual road.

In addition to the gubernatorial race, another high-stakes election was also occurring, which can arguably serve as a barometer for the present national attitude towards law enforcement.

Specifically, in Minneapolis, voters had the opportunity to abolish the police department and replace it with a … wait for it … “Department of Public Safety.”

Staffed by social workers who don’t know how to use firearms, in all likelihood, though the Democrats painted up a disaster with typically flowery language.

“This amendment would create a Department of Public Safety combining public safety functions through a comprehensive public health approach to be determined by the Mayor and Council …

The department would be led by a Commissioner nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Council. The Police Department, and its chief, would be removed from the City Charter. The Public Safety Department could include police officers, but the minimum funding requirement would be eliminated.” [Source: The Blaze]

A “comprehensive” approach. Gotta love it.

One might also wonder how important “comprehensive” is in the face of literal life-and-death situations.

After all, some situations just can’t be resolved by a counselor, which Democrats should be aware of.

Alas, the Democrats’ latest ploy to cause complete anarchy failed, given that residents of Minneapolis, arguably Ground Zero for police protests last year, overwhelmingly voted in favor of keeping law enforcement.

Residents themselves commented directly on the rationale for their voting, including Sondra Samuels, a resident of Minneapolis.

“I kind of trembled a little bit in the voting booth today because I live in one of the neighborhoods most impacted by crime and violence… and knew the correlation between the lack of policing and good policing …

We can have reform and we can have enough police to keep our children, our elderly safe. So this was a win tonight.” [Source: Fox News]


Unlike the leftist city council, which can merely employ taxpayer dollars for its own private security, residents of Minneapolis actually have to deal with the lunacy that Democrats inflict upon them.

Moreover, Pastor Jerry McAfee also expressed his joy regarding the sanity of the vote, given that the abolition of the police department is likely the last thing that the ultra-left leaning city needs at this point in time.

However, McAfee also warned individuals about the lengths Democrats are willing to take if it involves devising situations that lead to total anarchy.

“I’m ecstatic, elated and saddened at the time same because the elected officials who pushed this thing through left the people that they were supposed to represent and got off into their own personality …

They dragged and diverted the attention of what’s really going on in our community to something that is a problem but is minuscule when you look at the cause of violence and everything that goes with it.” [Source: Fox News]

Maybe Kamala should look into the “root causes” of urban violence (hint: one of them isn’t law enforcement), as her endeavors to uncover “root causes” overseas aren’t going very well …

Author: Jane Jones