Democrats Desperate To Stop Subpoena

You know that the political climate in the United States has disintegrated when Republicans and Democrats have to actually talk about doing a “witness swap” in the same way that they talk about a “prisoner swap” with Iran.

Yet that’s exactly what’s going on now, with Republicans declaring that the Democrats should have Hunter Biden testify in exchange for the Republicans having former National Security Advisor John Bolton testify over Trump’s alleged misdeeds on January 6.

Besides, Hunter may well have vital knowledge that the Democrats really need for their precious Green New Deal.

Republican Representative Andy Biggs made a joke about this as he sent out a tweet declaring his recent subpoena of the president’s son.

“I just made a motion to subpoena Hunter Biden as a witness for the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s hearing on electrifying [the USPS],” Biggs declared, “Hunter sold a U.S. cobalt mine to a Chinese company. Cobalt is necessary for electric car production. Hunter’s expertise is invaluable!”


After all, his “expertise” was so invaluable that he was paid over $80,000 per month to sit on a Ukrainian energy board despite not speaking a word of Ukrainian.

Of course, the real concern is that Hunter was basically paid to influence his father, who is presently doing nothing while China continues to take over the world.

China also continues to fund Russia, which means that all Biden’s other sanctions primarily serve to drive up gas prices for Americans.

Maybe that’s the real “Green New Deal” that the Democrats had in mind; they just left out the real cost, as always.

Which is precisely why what happened after Biggs’ subpoena is not surprising.

Alas, the House Oversight and Reform Committee did not feel compelled to hold Hunter Biden accountable on any measure, even when he was subpoenaed.

“Democrats just denied our motion to subpoena Hunter Biden,” the Republican members of the committee wrote on Twitter.

“They refuse to hold Hunter accountable for his shady business dealings that make us more dependent on China for renewable energy. It’s past time for accountability,” they added.

Absolutely. Starting with moving Biden out of the White House, where he has long spent too much time.

Especially since he continues to effectively condone Hunter’s dastardly business dealings.

“Wow, Democrats just denied my motion to subpoena Hunter,” Biggs remarked in disbelief, “they continue to protect him at any cost. I guess Democrats are ok with his shady business dealings.”

Apparently, Democrats are ok with quite a lot that would never happen under Trump’s watch.

Author: Jane Jones