Democrats Fear Biden May Start World War 3

It appears that even Democrats are feeling anxious with the nuclear codes in the hands of “Sleepy-Joe”

President Biden has been asked by House Democrats to surrender his sole control of nuclear launch codes and give them to other officials.

About three dozen Democrats from the House signed a letter authored by Rep. Panetta of California on Monday.

The letter cites concerns about resting such grave authority on the “judgement” of presidents past and present. There is currently, no requirement that a president must consult their advisors in the event of nuclear attack or exchange. Furthermore, if the order were considered legal by the laws which govern war the military would be obligated to execute the order.

Alternatives to this situation are offered in the letter. For instance, requiring that the president receive approval from a successive line of officials, including the Vice President, Speaker of the House, and other officials who are immune from dismissal if they choose to block the order.

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