Democrats Miraculously Find Just Enough Ballots To Win Major Election

Democrats Get Desperate Over GOP Truck Driver

Remember last week, when Tucker Carlson delivered one of the greatest lines in recent memory?

Specifically, Carlson was alluding to the unprecedented results of the New Jersey election, wherein Steve Sweeney, the Senate President of New Jersey, was shockingly dethroned by a Republican truck driver who began his campaign with a grand total of $153.

“The party that is calling for firing truck drivers is suddenly losing elections to truck drivers … and if that’s not sweet, we don’t know what the word means.” [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, the Democrats don’t find such an election outcome very sweet; instead, they find it completely and utterly unbelievable.

After all, how dare a hardworking American challenge their apparent dominion over their lifelong swamp career?

Democrat State Senator Richard Cody apparently can’t imagine such an outcome, given his reaction to Edward Durr defeating the arrogant Sweeney, who has held his position since 2002.

“No one on God’s earth could have predicted that.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, Mr. Cody, apparently no one outside the Democrat-Big Tech bubble could have predicted that. After all, Edward Durr wasn’t purchasing fake Facebook news ads like McAuliffe in Virginia.

However, pretty much every other remotely sane American could certainly have predicted the outcome, particulary when they turn out in droves to vote.

And who wouldn’t vote for someone like Durr, a clear representative of hardworking people’s needs?

Even more importantly, Durr didn’t sweep massive votes purely due to the consistent ineptitude of the Democrats; his unflinching dedication to freedom undoubtedly played a role, particularly given New Jersey’s rather authoritarian reputation during the pandemic.

Democrats may blow off “a simple guy,” but voters certainly haven’t, as noted by Durr h himself.

“It didn’t happen because of me. I’m nobody. I’m just a simple guy … It was a repudiation of the policies that have been forced down our throat, people told they can’t go to school, can’t go shopping. You cannot continue to tell people they can’t do things when we live in the freest country in the world.” [Source: Fox News]


However, one should have become suspicious when Ms. Kamala Harris proclaimed the Democrats apparently did well in the recent elections.

Kamala Harris

“I will say this: We had great wins.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

By “great wins,” Harris is either referring to “wins” in deep blue, utterly corrupt states … or the rather suspect discovery of multiple thousands of ballots by the Democrats in New Jersey.

Yes, that’s unfortunately right: The nation is already back to the magical mail-in ballots mania.

Sweeney, in other words, now refuses to concede due to the rather suspect discovery of a mysterious 12,000 ballots.

And where were these ballots found?

Don’t ask Sweeney if you’re looking for transparency, given his rather astonishing response below.

“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county … While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.” [Source: Fox News]

Please, gag us all with a spoon.

First off, Mr. Sweeney, you aren’t speaking to brain-dead, anti-Constitution millennials, you’re speaking to people that actually, you know, think.

Secondly, “a county?” Is he serious? 12,000 ballots were found in “a county?” Care to ever identify which county that may have been? Or is it the deep state county of corruption that seems to have taken hold across every liberal cesspool in the nation?

Thirdly, “we want to make sure every vote is counted.” Ah, right. And if those “12,000 ballots” just happen to be for Durr? Will they still be counted? Do those voters matter?

They should, because Durr is far more along the lines of what the founding fathers envisioned, especially in contrast to the devious Democrats.

Durr himself is uninterested in fame, though he is definitely interested in freedom and the real values of America.

“I want this job. I don’t want all the fame, but I want this job … I want to be the voice. I want to be somebody who can speak for the people. Because, one, I got a big mouth, so I like to make myself heard.” [Source: Fox News]

In addition, Durr has already demonstrated clear honesty, namely when he indicates that he actually spent a bit more than $153 on his campaign; in total, he spent approximately $8k-$9k over the course of his entire campaign.

Heck, that should cover one of Pelosi’s lunches, while she prattles on about the importance of equity, of course.

However, since Durr dwells within the land of reality, he has also noticed that New Jersey hadn’t bothered to update its own website.

“You guys go in on the New Jersey Elect, obviously, and you find $153 filed. Well, that was back in May, June. That shows how behind New Jersey government is on keeping things updated.” [Source: Fox News]

Sounds like a typical university, yet another institution largely dominated by feckless Democrats with an insatiable thirst for power.

Also sounds like the Dems are vastly more concerned with keeping mail-in ballots “updated” than their own registrars. In other words, information available to the public is outdated; information the public should know is … not visible.

In light of these 12,000 ballots, one cannot help but think of Ms. Harris’s rather telling commentary just before last Tuesday’s elections.

“What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Let’s hope Harris didn’t mean to say New Jersey instead of Virginia …

Author: Jane Jones