Democrats Ramrod COVID Relief Bill Through Congress

Well, one thing has become sadly clear in the swamp: What Pelosi wants, she typically gets.

For the entirety of last fall and last summer, she stymied every single effort made by Trump and the Republicans to provide desperately needed relief to Americans at the height of the pandemic and corresponding business closures and state lockdowns.

Trump even attempted to pass executive orders to circumvent Pelosi, to no avail, as she elected to leave D.C., along with the rest of the constantly travelling political “representatives” in the swamp. Then, she had the nerve to accuse Trump of effective tyranny for daring to pass executive orders regarding COVID relief.

Curiously, she remains rather silent on Biden’s vastly more divisive, downright dangerous, executive orders. Perhaps because she co-wrote most of them.

Nonetheless, Pelosi is now preening with arrogance over passing a COVID relief bill that would have made much more sense in terms of timing several months ago. For the American people, anyway. For Democrats, the election took precedence over everything else.

However, Pelosi continues to brag anyway.

“The American Rescue plan is a force for fairness and justice in America … This legislation is one of the most transformative and historic bills any of us will ever have the opportunity to support.” [Source: Fox News]

Right, ok. It’s perhaps one of the most “historic bills” in the sense that it was born of total division, as not a single Republican in the House voted in favor of the bill. And these Republicans did not vote in favor of the bill for the same reasons outlined by Rep. Lloyd Smucker, a Republican from Pennsylvania.

“Why would we print and borrow $2 trillion when we’re so close to crushing this virus and returning to a way of life that all Americans sacrificed?”
[Source: Fox News]

Well, because Democrats treat taxpayers like a personal piggy bank (while moronically killing thousands of jobs needed to sustain the piggy bank), and Democrats also don’t care about timing for the American people. They care about timing for themselves.

Unfortunately, Rep. Steven Horsford, a Democrat from Nevada, failed to get that message last fall, judging from his rather amusing statement below, given the context.

“The time for action is now … And if Republicans won’t help us crush the coronavirus. We’ll do it without them.” [Source: Fox News]

Well then. Thank you for openly admitting zero desire to work towards the “unity” promised by the Biden administration.

Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal got real about what was really motivating the Democrats so aggressively, as seen below.

“Much of the relief will invariably flow to government union pension funds, which are underfunded in states like Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut. To inoculate themselves from GOP attacks, Democrats specified in the bill that relief funds may not be used “for deposit into any pension fund.” But money is fungible. States can pay out of their general funds for pensions and use the federal cash for something else.” [Source: Breitbart]

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley also referred to the bill as “the largest expansion of the welfare state since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.”

In other words, the time is “now” for the Democrats to expand their power. Nothing more, nothing less. Bailing out irresponsible, leftist states that can’t pay for their own grand plans included.

Which makes the commentary of Rep. Bobby Scott, a Democrat from Virginia, all the more hilarious.

“The American people have been calling on us to deliver relief and to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic … Today we come together to send a resounding message that help is on the way.” [Source: Fox News]

Yeah. “Defeat the COVID-19 pandemic” courtesy of Trump’s efforts.

And as for the “resounding message?” Oh, Patriotic Americans got the resounding message all right … and that resounding message has nothing to do with real COVID relief.

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