Democrats Stunned After Trump’s First Virtual Fundraiser

Let the gnashing of teeth begin.

President Trump just held his first virtual rally, and donations towards his campaign skyrocketed, soaring to $20 million in just one night.

“This is a great day for the president and for the country showing the robust enthusiasm for President Donald Trump,” Kimberly Guilfoyle, the national chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, told Breitbart News on Tuesday evening. “They want four more years. We had over 300,000 people log on for our event tonight to donate to the president. We raised over $20 million in the first-ever of its kind virtual Zoom event.” [Source: Breitbart]

For reference, the fake news media claimed Biden was “crushing it” with raising a grand total of $6.3 million in one day, most of which likely came from a Soros subsidiary, especially given Biden’s increasingly leftist commentary.

Thus, Trump’s first virtual fundraiser more than tripled Biden’s, despite Trump having none of the media backing that Biden enjoys by “virtue” of being a Democrat. And while Biden initially posited himself as a moderate, he now apparently has Elizabeth Warren as a political advisor, which shows just how quickly “moderation” can disintegrate into submission to the monetary masters pulling strings behind the scene.

Trump’s victory is also especially sweet given the gloating of the fake news over Trump’s supposedly declining popularity.

For weeks, the fake news media and the equally duplicitous Dems have gleefully attempted to torment President Trump over his supposedly empty rallies. This torment, of course, followed the months of torture they attempted to disseminate after President Trump continued to hold rallies. Of course, the fake news media loves to focus on the supposedly empty rallies of President Trump, which is awfully convenient considering that they’re appear to be keeping their own candidate literally trapped in a basement.

The main lines of attack that the fake news media has used in recent weeks include Trump’s “poor” response to the pandemic, despite their own blind trust of the China-bought WHO; the “irresponsible” recommendations for taking hydroxychloroquine, which were just validated by an Ivy League epidemiologist; and, of course, Trump’s supposedly fading popularity

Bear in mind that this was the same President Trump who was ahead of “progressive” Europe in terms of a proactive response to the virus, particularly in terms of banning flights from China. Of course, the ban of flights on China was blasted by Democrats as “racist” at the time, only for them to wheel around yet again and insist that President Trump wasn’t taking the virus seriously … though he took it more seriously than the Democrats did, months in advance.

While the fake news does not exactly advertise these facts on a wide scale, President Trump has been an incredibly successful fundraiser even before entering the Oval Office, in fact, even before being voted in as the 45th President of the United States.

Even The Washington Post grudgingly admitted that then-Republican candidate Donald J. Trump had beaten fundraising expectations with a $51 million haul in June 2016, though the publication was quick to point out that Clinton had raised $68 million. The
Increasingly low-brow paper was not so quick to point out that Clinton had the entire media behind her, assuring a veritable shoo-in.

Looking back, the only thing the fake news really proved was that President Trump is smarter than all of the Democratic candidates combined, given that he essentially won the presidency alone, with no political support and certainly no media support. However, he had the most important support of all, and the only support that truly matters in a nation built upon the principles of liberty and freedom: The American people.

Trump’s immense fundraising success has also been sustained throughout his presidency, showing the waning power of fake news and perhaps explaining why they’re more insane than ever, much in the same way a dictator goes insane upon rapidly losing his prior grip on absolute power.

In July 2019, President Trump raised a blistering $105 million in just three weeks, on top of an additional $100 million in the bank for his campaign, leading NBC News to remark that GOP fundraising “far [outpaces] any predecessor or Democrat currently running.”

No wonder the Democrats have been so hellbent on destroying the economy and insisting upon mail-in voting only in 2020, as they are fully aware of the power of the silent majority will have in November 2020. The demand for mail-in only ballots reeks of the types of elections that occur throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, which are generally total shams designed to keep dictators in power for decades.

Ah yes, but remember: Trump is the threat to democracy, according to the fake news. It is fairly amazing that they can make this claim with a straight face, but concepts of class and elements of shame have long since abandoned the fake news media, along with its Democratic colleagues.

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