Democrats Sweating As State Decides To Look Back Into 2020 Election

In Arizona, the Senate is presently preparing for an audit of the votes from last year’s presidential election.

Karen Fann, the Senate President, announced this audit last week, and the officials on the team formally met earlier this week. The audit itself will commence on Thursday, taking place at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

During the audit, a number of certified auditors will begin recounting over 2 million ballots from Maricopa County, which will take place over the next four weeks.

When interviewed by One America News, Fann stated that the audit is necessary in order to provide reassurances over concerns and inquiries regarding election security. 

Fann noted that the job of the Arizona Senate is uninterested in decertifying electors, overturning elections, and engaging in other similar activities, given that these activities do not fall within the realm of their job responsibilities. 

However, Fann also added that it is the job of the Senate to pass election laws, which is why they are now tasked with ensuring that all “those laws are followed to the T, that they are always above reproach.”

Should mistakes be discovered, Fann noted that they needed to be fixed or reported.

Fann stated that the audit will be overseen by a security company based in Florida, which will render the audit to be “true,” “bipartisan,” and “independent.”