Democrats Weaponize Social Media Against Manchin

Democrats angered by Senator Joe Manchin’s refusal to abolish the filibuster have expressed their displeasure via a concentrated social media campaign against the moderate Democrat. Specifically, Newsweek recently reported that Manchin has been subjected to more than 700 advertisements on Facebook, as well as Instagram, since November 15.

The anti-Manchin ads are motivated by the West Virginia senator’s resistance to the Biden administration’s multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” spending package, which Manchin has long criticized as far too expensive for the nation. In addition, moderate Senator Krysten Sinema has also levied several objections against the spending package.

Moreover, Manchin and Sinema are jointly opposing efforts by the Democrats to abolish the filibuster rules.

Needless to say, the unprecedented attacks upon Manchin by alleged Democrat colleagues is remarkable.

According to Nate Lerner, “it is extremely uncommon to name a party colleague in a negative ad outside of a primary.”

Lerner, who founded Build the Wave, a political consultancy, also noted that Manchin “isn’t a typical Democrat” in his remarks to Newsweek.

“I think we will see more of it moving forward as progressives split further from right-leaning Democrats like Manchin and Sinema,” Lerner concluded.

Currently, at least eight different Democrats who are angling for a position in the Senate have launched harsh attack ads against Manchin across major social media platforms.

Per Newsweek, these aspiring senatorial candidates include the following: U.S. Air Force veteran Jewel Kelly in Missouri, U.S. Marines veteran Lucas Kunce, basketball executive Alex Lasry in Wisconsin, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Admiral Michael Franken in Iowa, state Representative Malcolm Kenyatta in Pennsylvania, and Representative Tim Ryan in Ohio.

Aside from these candidates, other Democrats, notably the “Squad,” have launched a large anti-Manchin campaign across social media.

For instance, on January 13, AOC posted approximately 72 anti-Manchin advertisements to Instagram and Facebook, assailing the moderate Democrat for “retaining the Jim Crow filibuster.”

AOC’s mirror the efforts of several other far left representatives aiming to abolish the filibuster.