Dems Clamor For Climate Change “Emergency”

In the words of Saul Alinksy, whose anarchist philosophy deeply inspired Hillary Clinton amongst others, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Well, in light of the ongoing onslaught of innocent individuals in Eastern Europe, it is not at all surprising that Democrats are not letting that crisis go to waste.

On the contrary, they are fully exploiting it for their own nefarious aims, primarily the objective of shoving the United States violently into a Green New Deal era.

In fact, Democrats are apparently so angry that Americans are not yet driving $50,000+ electric cars that they are pushing President Biden to declare a “climate emergency,” as reported by Josh Siegel in Politico.

Specifically, Siegel details how “House progressives are planning to call on President Joe Biden this week to use his executive power to declare climate change a national emergency and to ban fossil fuel drilling on public lands.”

What is it with Democrats and emergencies?

First, they tried to milk COVID for all it was worth, resulting in an effective two-year lockdown of the entire nation, with masks still mandated to be worn on planes.

Now, once it has become clear that COVID lockdowns aren’t going to work anymore, they have to come up with yet another crisis to stay in power.

This time, it’s apparently now a “climate emergency” crisis, one that is undoubtedly designed to channel more power to an already power-hungry administration.

Insatiably hungry, some would say, especially when considering more details about the upcoming “climate emergency” push.

“The request from the Congressional Progressive Caucus comes as many Democratic clean energy priorities have stalled in Congress,” Siegel continued, “the push for the sweeping use of the executive powers expected from the group of nearly 100 lawmakers on Thursday will also touch issues such as student loan debt, voting rights and immigration.”

Ah, is that all? Who knew what a strong correlation existed between student debt and climate change!

Needless to say, the Biden administration’s shameless pushing of a climate change agenda during an international crisis certainly draws more than one question to mind, including rather dark suspicions about the real reasons behind high gas prices.

For instance, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has already rattled on about the importance of ramming through another multi-trillion dollar spending package with regards to climate change.

“This crisis in Europe, and the crisis our allies are facing and the reduction of supply of natural gas and oil from Russia creates a moment that we should be acting,” Granholm declared in response to inquiries regarding Congress’s shameless push of a so-called “clean energy” package.

Ah, right, but of course. How convenient, a war to push clean energy. Seems a bit paradoxical but that tends to be Dems in a nutshell.

“We heard President Zelenskyy. We do not want to see any country that is held hostage to Vladimir Putin and this is a moment for Congress to be able to act,” Granholm continued, “there can be a compromise. There can be movement on this. What the form is and what the responses are and all of that, that’s a conversation that’s happening but this is a moment to have this happen, it’s an urgent moment.”

It’s definitely an urgent moment for the nation, but not for the reasons Granholm details.

What will it take for Americans to see that this sudden “climate emergency,” especially fresh after a so-called “emergency” with the pandemic, is little more than a rather naked power grab on behalf of the federal government?

After all, who knows what kind of “powers” Biden may assume in the event of a climate emergency, and who knows what Fauci equivalent he may come up with, all in order to clamp down even more aggressively on Americans’ freedoms …

Author: Ofelia Thornton