Dems Decline Allegiance To Masks

Ironically, numerous Democrat legislators are attempting to distance themselves from the mask mandates that they fervently promoted during the height of the pandemic, according to a recent report from The Hill.

According to the media outlet, the extremely strong stance in favor of masks has become a greater and greater political liability across the United States, especially with the current approval ratings for the Biden administration dwindling to well under 40 percent.

Per the legislators, fatigue from the pandemic is one of the biggest reasons why numerous voters are enormously dissatisfied with the direction in which the nation is headed under Biden’s direction.

As noted in a recent Washington Post-ABC poll, the approval rating for Biden has fallen to 37 percent.

The survey, which had been administered prior to the president’s State of the Union address, revealed that the president had a 55 percent disapproval rating.

In addition, The Hill also observed that a wide array of Democrat senators eschewed masks when Biden delivered his State of the Union address to the nation on Tuesday.

For instance, Brian Monahan, the attending physician at the Capitol, claimed that people would not have to wear masks anymore in the chamber since mask mandates have abruptly shifted to optional masks, per suspiciously timed information from the CDC.

Consequently, increasing numbers of Democrats are avoiding masks in the months leading to the midterms, joining alongside their Republican colleagues who ditched masks long after they were shown to be ineffective against the spread of the virus, especially variants of the virus.

In addition, various mask mandates at gyms, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and sports venues have also dwindled away across the nation’s capital.

“Democrats have done a … very good job at getting us out of the COVID mess, and we’re about to turn the corner,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declared.