Dems Have Apocalyptic Meltdown Over Musk

Hurray for Elon Musk!

The self-proclaimed, free speech absolutist has had a grand old time putting the ultra-arrogant, ultra-woke Twitter board in its place, revealing their brazen bias on multiple occasions ever since he divulged a 9.2 percent stake in the company.

After initially accepting a position on Twitter’s board, Musk abruptly changed his mind, likely realizing the woke management team is too far gone to be saved.

Then, he proposed what is beyond a no-brainer offer to the board, mainly to purchase all of Twitter at a price of $54.20 per share.

Considering the Fed is raising interest rates more rapidly than it has in more than a decade, not to mention the prospects of a massive economic meltdown looming, it would normally be a no brainer for a company to agree to be bought out grossly above its value.

However, since Twitter is now the microphone of the ultra-left, it was clear that management thought they could still get away with being woke while breaching fiduciary duty.

Which is why Twitter initially rejected Musk’s deal, opting for a “poison pill” approach instead.

Not smart.

Twitter was cheered by the clueless left, many of whom likely hold no shares in the company, but the social media giant was privately threatened by shareholders, who were undoubtedly massing a massive lawsuit for a rather obvious breach of fiduciary duty on Twitter’s part.

Alas, while Dems defund police, they have yet to undue little concepts such as fiduciary duty.

A real pity … for them.

As Musk ultimately triumphed early this week, striking a deal with Twitter and terror into the intolerant hearts of the left.

Media Matters for America, an alleged watchdog group, promptly freaked out over the Twitter deal, going as far as to suggest making a multi-billion dollar deal contingent on snowflakes’ feelings.

“There is still time for Twitter’s board to prevent some of the worst harms. Any negotiations to sell Twitter to Musk must include clear enforceable mechanisms to uphold and maintain existing community standards, including the removal of those who violate those standards,” remarked Angelo Carusone, who serves as president of the nonprofit group.

Oh sure. Musk is going to secure $44B in funding only to be ordered around by a woke board that doesn’t have a toe to stand on anymore.


Jeff Bezos, who publicly proclaims support for BLM while quelling dissent among Amazon’s minority factory workers, went as far as to suggest that China now influences Twitter, in spite of the fact that Twitter has been banned in China since 2009.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration not only allows Beijing-owned TikTok to not only flourish, it also hire TikTok “stars” to spread COVID disinformation.

Elizabeth Warren roared that Musk’s business acquisition is “dangerous for democracy.”

And, predictably, Jen Psaki is already threatening potential White House action against Musk.

Frankly, Psaki seems more bothered by Musk than she does by Putin.

After all, she can just blame Putin endlessly for inflation, as she clearly lacks the creativity requisite to invent something else moderately believable.

Frankly, the House Republican Conference had a far more practical suggestion, namely to permit former President Donald J. Trump to return to Twitter.

“Hey, @elonmusk it’s a great week to free @realDonaldTrump,” the House Republican Conference remarked on Twitter.


Frankly, CNN is probably secretly hoping for Trump to return to Twitter, if only to prop up their hilariously ailing ratings.

After the demise of CNN+, which took $300M to make and 30 days to vanish from operations, the network is in greater need than ever of something to fill its growing void.

In the meantime, one can only hope that Musk will fend off any attacks from the White House, which are likely being drafted up in yet another dark-money funded corridor at the time of this writing.

Author: Ofelia Thornton