DeSantis Declares War On Stacey Abrams

DeSantis has a very clear message for Ms. Abrams, especially if she manages to steal the gubernatorial race in Georgia.

While Abrams’ efforts to steal the election years ago ended in failure, Democrats have amplified their deceptive tactics since that time period, with more than one abnormality in 2020 suggesting that.

Which is precisely why DeSantis will ensure that Abrams does not try to infiltrate with her wokeness from the north if she does take over Georgia, likely driving all the hard workers from the state in doing so.

“If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia,” DeSantis proclaimed.

Absolutely. A war between American freedom and woke absolutism.

“I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north, that would be a disaster,” DeSantis continued, “so I hope you guys take care of that and we’ll end up in good shape.”

Of course, the left promptly freaked out over DeSantis, blasting him with their usual accusations of “racism” and everything else under the sun.

Which warranted yet another response from DeSantis’s office, merely to illustrate the extreme ideological divide that demarcates Abrams and DeSantis.

“The governor was simply making an analogy to the stark ideological differences that underpinned the Cold War,” DeSantis’s office remarked, “if Stacey Abrams wins the governorship of Georgia, we know that her approach to leadership will involve more heavy-handed government, taxes, and bureaucrat influence. In Florida, Governor DeSantis will continue to keep Florida free and put citizens first.”

Absolutely. Abrams would basically be a hungrier version of Gavin Newsom, who preened over all his subjects in California while enjoying a $15,000 bar tab at taxpayers’ expense.

And that was just for drinks.

Or perhaps Abrams can cavort in Miami with AOC, as the two women enjoy a high-end, luxury vacation, also funded by taxpayers, all so they can sit and collectively talk about how “racist” the United States is and how no minority can get ahead, despite the fact that both minority women live a much, much higher life than average.

These women will undoubtedly be just fine with loads of illegal immigrants being sent in to terrorize them as well, which was rather evidence in DeSantis’s other recent response to yet another crisis:

In an exclusive statement made to Fox News, the Executive Office of the Governor of Florida declared that Florida has zero interest in following in the troubling footsteps of California, which has openly declared itself to be a sanctuary state, if only to ensure that Democrats are guaranteed to receive its electoral votes every single election.

“Florida is not a sanctuary state, and our social programs are designed to serve the citizens of our state. The governor will protect the sovereignty of the state of Florida,” the Executive Office declared.

Multiple illegal migrants have now declared that they intend to head straight for (where else?) Miami, where maybe they’ll have a chance to actually interface with a drunk AOC.

However, DeSantis has been quite clear that he is not interested in having any more illegal migrants storm in from the south, especially given the sea of Democrat refugees pouring in from the north, many of whom also cluster in the South Florida area.

“To those who have entered the country illegally, fair warning: do not come to Florida,” DeSantis declared, “life will not be easy for you, because we are obligated to uphold the immigration laws of this country, even if our federal government and other states won’t.”

Seriously. The illegal migrants should make their way to Delaware, Biden’s home state, which even Obama blasted for its general tax evasiveness and big tech business dealings.

All the more reason why it is not surprising Biden’s laptop was discovered in Delaware.

The state could probably be more diverse, anyway!

Author: Ofelia Thornton